January 24, 2022

Breast Compaction

The only purpose of breast compression will be to continue the stream of milk to the baby once the baby no longer drinks on his own. Compression may also spark a let down reflex and generally causes a natural let down reflex to happen. This technique can also be useful for the following: 1. Poor weight gain in the infant. 2. Colic in the breast fed infant. 3. Long or regular feedings feedings. 4. Tender nipples for the mom. 5. Recurrent blocked ducts 6. Feeding fast. Breast compression may not be needed if everything is going nicely. The mother should allow the infant to end feeding on the first side, then if the baby needs offer the other side when all is well. The best way to use breast compression 1. Hold the baby with one arm. 2. Support the breast with the other arm, thumb on one side of your breast, your finger on the other far back from the nipple 3. Although there’s no need, watch out for the infant’s drinking. When drinking with an open pause kind of sucking the infant will get more milk. 4. When the baby is nibbling or no longer drinking, compress the breast, not so tough that it hurts however. With the breast compression, the infant should start drinking. 5. Keep the pressure up until the baby no longer drinks with the compression, then release the pressure. Wait a little before compressing if the infant does’t quit sucking with the release of compaction. 6. Let the milk to start flowing to the infant again, and the reason behind releasing pressure would be to let your hand to rest. He’ll start once he tastes milk if the baby stops sucking when you release the pressure. 7. He may drink when the infant begins to suck again. If not, just compress. 8. Continue no longer drinks with compression. You should let time to him to stay on that side until he begins drinking again, on his own. 9. Let to come off the breast, if the infant is drinking or take away him. 10. If the baby wants more, offer the other side and repeat the procedure as previously. 11. You might want to change sides like this several times, unless you’ve got sore nipples. 12. Constantly work to enhance the infant’s latch. Word count: 402

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