Do You Want to Get Pregnant but Can’t?

Trying to conceive can be frustrating, especially if you’ve been at it for a while with no luck. If you’ve been actively trying to conceive for a year or more, it’s to make an appointment with your doctor to discuss your .

There are a questions that your doctor will likely ask you during your appointment.

They may inquire how often you have , if your cycles are regular, and if you have any family history of .

Your doctor will also want to know what medications you are taking and how long you have been trying to conceive.

Answering these questions honestly will your doctor determine the best course of for you.

After the doctor has all your information, they will advise you on the best treatment method. You may be sent to a specialist or have specific tests to help diagnose why you cannot conceive.

In my case, my partner and I tried to become for a year, then saw a specialist. He had tests to check sperm quantity, quality, and shape. All the results were positive, and he was in great shape to make a baby.

Nervousness is common when it’s your to conceive, especially if your partner had no problems whatsoever. If you’re struggling to conceive, there are a few tests that can help determine the reason why.

First, you can use ovulation kits to see if you’re ovulating on a regular basis.

If you’re not getting positive results, the next test is a dye test to check for blockages in your ovaries.

I was put on a drug called Clomiphene after my specialists’ tests. This pill is meant to help with ovulation and increase the chances of . I was told when to have intercourse, had several blood tests, and took the pill for 5 days. To my disbelief, it worked. We were all excited and nervous at the same time.

I have learned that ’s journey to parenthood is unique. For some, IVF may be the best course of treatment. For others, like me, it may just take patience and a lot of tries. Don’t give up hope, be positive. I know it can be heartbreaking. It took us 16 months to conceive, and we are so blessed to have a beautiful baby girl. So keep trying, and I know one you too will have your own wee bundle of joy.

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  1. That wonderful ,my self I have 3years try to fall pregnant but nothing happen at all, and then I went to see the doctor and the doctor say to me 1 of my ovary got mass I have to go for surgery buri never go until now ,what should I do to solve this problem

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