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Stop crying yourself to sleep at night and learn how to get pregnant quickly and naturally…


“Put an end to the Frustration, Stress and Annoyance

… And learn all the little known secrets, hints and tricks of how to get pregnant now”

Actively Get Pregnant

If you answer yes to any of the following, I can help….

BabydreamsertickAre you frustrated that your are not pregnant yet?
BabydreamsertickAre you thinking about ?
BabydreamsertickDo you want to find out about  and the treatments available?
BabydreamsertickHave you seen all the ‘well respected’ fertility advisors, and still had no luck?
BabydreamsertickDoes everyone else seem to be pregnant but you?
BabydreamsertickAre you sick of waiting and want something to happen now?




With “So You Have Been Actively Trying To Get Pregnant” you are going to learn how to get pregnant quickly, safely and easily.


Have you been upset, disappointed and disheartened that you cannot get pregnant yet? Especially when everyone else you know can get pregnant so easily?

I know what you are going through. I have helped many people just like you overcome all their conception problems and shown them how to get pregnant quickly.

No matter what your symptoms are, I have designed my guide with YOU in mind.

As you will know there are hundreds of resources in print and on the Internet about how to get pregnant, and how to increase your chances of getting pregnant. But no single book addresses the many concerns a couple has, until NOW…

With “So You Have Been Actively Trying To Get Pregnant” you are going to learn how to get pregnant quickly, safely and easily.

… From hearing countless discussions as a voluntary and maternal facilitator I have designed “So You Have Been Actively Trying To Get Pregnant” to be
the easiest system to follow that is available today.

… It is jam-packed with information ranging from infertility problems, miscarriages, recommended diets, peak fertility,, essential vitamins, reproductive organs, suitable exercises, recommended dietary intakes and much more..

I give you the most complete pregnancy and guide available… all within one instantly downloadable book, or your money back!!

Empower yourself with the knowledge I have gained over the years. Learn tips and tricks to help you get pregnant in a healthy and natural way. 

I want you to join the hundreds of people who I have already helped to conceive.


— By Angie Greenish


Within 5 minutes you can be Learning all About Conception and Pregnancy !!

Most pregnancy tips are based on theories that rely on you doing weird and wacky things. Like “Standing on your head after intercourse will increase your chances of getting pregnant.”

The Truth: Let’s just say this may be a bit ‘over-the-top’ as standing on your head may injure you if you’re not careful. There are folks who say that lying down for 20 to 30 minutes after sex helps the sperm reach the egg, and there’s definitely no harm in trying this if you’re bent on getting pregnant.



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So what do I know about helping people conceive?

MainimgLet me tell you a bit about myself…….

I have been a regular helper in medical missions as a volunteer community worker, facilitating  discussions on family planning and maternal health.

I am a licensed professional teacher and have taught ESL, Math, and American Studies to hundreds of Indo Chinese refugees bound for resettlement. I have a BS in Microbiology, have also attended Embryology courses in medical school and I also have5 kids!!

I am passionate about helping people to conceive. It is really an incredible experience to see a couple finally become pregnant. The joy on their faces as they thank me for the hundredth time, and I want to give this to YOU.

So are you ready to learn the secrets of how to easily and quickly become pregnant? I will show you all the insider secrets and tips that I have discovered over the years…

Here you will read about why people still get pregnant with the natural calendar methods their parents or grandparents taught them about.
You will also learn why it’s safer to delay a pregnancy if the present time poses dangers to the baby’s health.

Men and women who are trying to find the natural ways of increasing fertility need not look far. This book will cover what you must do, what you mustn’t do, the precautions you should take, plus myths that can take the joy out of pregnancy.

Pregnancy is a wonderful experience and is something that shouldn’t be feared or viewed as an interruption to one’s life.
True, you will have to make many changes when this beautiful miracle happens, but what welcome changes they are!

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Why are you still following a pregnancy
plan that isn’t getting results?


It is common knowledge that what you eat and how you live affect how healthy your body is, if you are more likely to get certain diseases and if you have a better quality of life.

So keeping this in mind, does it not make sense that your diet, health and could be affecting your ability to get pregnant and stay pregnant?

Just remember that reproduction is just one of the many parts that your body has been designed to do.


Here’s a Small Sample
of What You’ll Learn:

Pink_TickFemale Infertility:

Did you know? Infertility affects approximately 10% of people of reproductive age and 15% of couples. Roughly 40% of cases involve a male contribution or factor, 40% involve a female factor, and the remainder involve both sexes. As everyone is different, in my book ‘So You Have Been Actively Trying To Get Pregnant’ I go over many of the well known problems and even some surprising issues all to help you get pregnant fast (Page 195 – 211)

Pink_TickConception Problems:

Did you know? The majority (85%) of women who have had two miscarriages will conceive and carry normally afterwards, so statistically the occurrence of three abortions at 0.34% is regarded as “habitual”. Trying to conceive can cause many different problems and in ‘So You Have Been Actively Trying To Get Pregnant’ I go over many of them to ensure you have success (pages 264 – 273)

Pink_TickPeak Fertility:

If your objective is to immediately conceive, you can increase your chances if you take into consideration several factors affecting the likelihood of getting pregnant, finding the right combination of these techniques, and following them to the letter. One of these aspects is aiming for the period during your cycle when you are most fertile. With my simple step by step instructions I will help you pin point exactly when you are about to ovulate so you never miss the fertility window again (pages 54 – 72)

Pink_TickHealth check-up and illness preventions:Actively Get Pregnant

Did you know? If exposed to rubella during the first month of pregnancy, there is a 50% chance of birth defects in the baby and a 90% chance that the pregnancy will end in spontaneous abortion. In ‘So You Have Been Actively Trying To Get Pregnant’ I cover many of the different health problems that effect pregnancy including Rubella, High blood pressure, Healthy cervical smears, infections, Listeria, Toxoplasmosis, Chicken pox… (pages 166 – 183)

Pink_TickHealthy Eating:

If you want to increase your chances of getting pregnant there are good reasons to start making changes in your diet . Good food choices give you more energy and can make you feel better. It will also strengthen your immune system and protect you from infections and illnesses. There certainly are substances that help in creating an optimum environment for fertilization, and different diets are increasingly made available to women planning their pregnancies.

This is so important I have dedicated a whole chapter in my book ‘So You Have Been Actively Trying To Get Pregnant’ to give you advice on what to eat, foods to avoid and all the nutrients a person trying to conceive should have!!

Pink_TickThe benefits of exercise at preconception:

To make it easy for you I have listed some easy exercises to keep you in shape and which exercises to avoid at all cost. I have even added some great routines that I recommend to get you in shape safely. (pages 91-98)

Effects of Smoking (page 141 – 145)Alcohol (pages 146 – 148), Drugs (pages 149 – 155) We all know it, but to have ‘So You Have Been Actively Trying To Get Pregnant’ the best book possible I have included it. Learn about the side effects of smoking including decreased female fertility and how it can effect your baby.

Pink_TickGeneral Male Health:

Did you know? It takes approximately 100 days for sperm to develop (74 days to form and another 20-30 days to reach full maturation)? This is the reason why if you’re planning a conception, you should address your health concerns at least 100 days before that day. (pages 160 – 166)

Pink_TickMale Infertility:

Did you know? Scientists believe that cycling over great distances or for long periods crushes the main artery leading to the penis, effectively blocking blood flow (genital numbness) and jeopardizing both his sex life and his capacity to father children. This is even aggravated by the wearing of tight cycling shorts which raises the scrotal temperature. In my book ‘So You Have Been Actively Trying To Get Pregnant’ I go into great detail to let you know how to get your man into tip top baby making shape (pages 163 – 194)


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To help you answer these questions and so much more,
I wrote “So You Have Been Actively Trying To Get Pregnant?”


I want YOU to have the absolute best pregnancy resource available anywhere. It is jammed packed with information that will help transform your life and help to get you pregnant safely and quickly.



And you will also learn:

Pink_TickUnexplained infertility:Actively Get Pregnant

Discover the symptoms, signs and causes. (Chapter 11)

In about 15% of cases the infertility investigation will show no abnormalities.

Pink_TickLow sperm count – Oligespermia:

Discover the temporary causes and the contributing factors to a low sperm count (Chapter 10)

Oligespermia is the medical term for the condition where sperm are produced but their numbers are too low for them to fertilize an egg.

Pink_TickThe Sex selection of offspring:

Discover ways to select the gender of your child. (Chapter 13)

Learn about In vitro fertilization (IVF) and the MicroSort sperm-sorting method , The Shettles Method, Pre-implantation methods and Post-implantation methods. Learn about the Chinese Gender Chart which, according to legend, was secretly buried in a royal tomb in Peking, China more than 700 years ago. Recently discovered, it is said to be 99% accurate!!!.

Pink_TickThe Stages of Conception:

Discover the different stages of conception. (Chapter 14)

Fewer than 10% of births occur on the due date; 50% of births are within a week of the due date, and almost 90% within two weeks.

Pink_TickThe Changes by weeks of age:

Discover how your baby is progressing, week by week. (Page 231 – 237)

The Embryonic period, the Fetal period. Did you know at weeks 23 to 26 (25th to 28th week of menstrual age) The fetus reaches a length of 38 cm (15 inches).


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Includes Research From The Latest Studies

Actively Get PregnantTo create my book ‘So You Have Been Actively Trying To Get Pregnant’ I have conducted research into the latest studies to give you even more up to date information. For example. Recent studies by researchers in the USA and Italy have shown that “a woman’s chance of becoming pregnant if she has sex two days before ovulation is around 50% in any one menstrual cycle if both partners are aged between 19 and 25 years”

There are hundreds of resources in print or on the Internet about how to get pregnant or how to increase your chances of getting pregnant, but no single book addresses the many concerns a couple has.

They never reveal proven strategies that show exactly what to do to increase your changes of getting pregnant, without forcing you to pull your hair out!

You don’t need some “scientifically calculated” fertility program based on hours of repetition that’s  impossible to follow (not to mention it doesn’t work).

I know what works as I have been involved in hundreds of discussions on family planning and maternal health.


Empower yourself with the knowledge I have gained over the years. Learn tips and tricks to help keep you healthy and increase the chances of getting pregnant. Join the rest of my happy friends and learn how to conceive naturally. In my book ‘So You Have Been Actively Trying To Get Pregnant’ I reveal all to help you get pregnant safely and quickly.

If you:

Actively Get Pregnant

Are frustrated and disappointed that you are not getting pregnant…..

Are experiencing ANY infertility problems that need immediate addressing…..

Have spent a lot of time and money on professional’s but have had limited results…..

Are outraged by how worthless all the pregnancy training videos, books and professionals are…..

Have wasted your time and effort and are thinking about giving up hope…..

Want tried and tested advice on the best ways to get pregnant…..

…you need “So You Have Been Actively Trying To Get Pregnant”

You may not believe this but…

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— By Angie Greenish

Author of “So You Have Been Actively Trying To Get Pregnant”


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