Adult Bed Wetting: What’s The Alternative

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Bed-wetting is a common issue for grownups, as you can see from all the TV advertisements about bed-wetting disposable diapers. The first thing for grownups to do when they have a bed-wetting issue is to talk to a physician to ensure that there’s nothing wrong that is causing this issue.

Bed-wetting in adulthood can be a sign of an underlying condition such as diabetes, kidney or bladder problems, or as simple as a urinary tract infection. Although adult bed-wetting does need to be checked out by a doctor, disposable diapers can help adults feel more comfortable. Other causes of adult bed-wetting include celiac disease, allergies, and sleep disorders.

Research workers have found that there are emotional aspects to this particular issue as well, for example trauma and anxiety. Sometimes, age is the perpetrator as the muscles of the bladder begin to reduce their elasticity causing adult bed-wetting. Enuresis alarms for adults just as they do for adolescents and – by waking you up from your slumber at the very first hint of wetness so that you have to get to the restroom rather than wetting the bed.

DDAVP is a medication that has been shown to be effective in reducing nighttime urination for adults. This medication works by decreasing the amount of urine produced by the body at night, which can help alleviate the symptoms of adult bed-wetting. However, because DDAVP can also cause increased thirst, it is important for adults taking this medication to hydrated throughout the day and to limit their intake of fluids before bedtime in order to avoid waking up frequently during the night to use the restroom.

DDAVP is not a cure for adult bed-wetting, but it can help to control it. Bed-wetting may start again if you stop taking the drug. You don’t have to take DDAVP every day to prevent adult bed-wetting, but a or allergies may interfere with the effectiveness of the drug if it is taken in spray form.

You need to take the at night, though it does come with some unwanted side that some adults may not be able to handle. These common side effects include , headaches, sinus problems, and nosebleeds. If you’re taking this medicine, you’re not allowed to drink any afterwards. Imipramine, an antidepressant drug, has been found successful in treating adult bed-wetting. Like DDAVP, it reduces the amount of urine the body produces during the night.

Although there are many negative side effects to this particular drug, many physicians hate prescribing it as a last resort for adult bed-wetting. Behavior modification and disposable diapers are usually the doctor’s first choice in helping an adult keep their bedsheets dry through the night. Adult bed-wetting is an issue that physicians are used to with, so there is no need to feel embarrassed when discussing it with your doctor.

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