Protecting your loved one with a CCTV Security System

Explaining Benefits Of Security Camera

When I was a , growing up in an extended joint family in the heartland of Texas, life seemed much less stressful than how it is right now. I had a bevy of cousins to grow up with, each one of us becoming friends and helping one another. It was the best of times. We all had our collective space and our respective individual spaces, having as we fought over games and laughs as well as togetherness in my own family unit comprised by quite a few guardians.

As a parent, it’s hard not to insecure about letting your grow up. But I have learned that in trusting the people around me, and other great services like cctv security systems installed at home, I can rest easy knowing my son is perfectly safe. Although it was difficult for me to get used to the idea of being recorded at all times in my own home when we first got our cctv system, I began to realize that the of having a security system greatly outweighed any concerns about privacy.

My is a big believer in watching over his loved one’s and property from the distance (no, I’m not talking about long-distance relationship; you know what I mean) by placing surveillance on them. It was always a matter of concern when he would ask me to install cctv at home because we live with little kids and I kept thinking how easy it would be for anybody entering our home as CCTV cameras were placed around. At first, I refused to agree with him that how could somebody one enter my home if there is any kind of surveillance monitoring them from inside or outside the house. But after his constant pleads, I gave my nod for getting CCTV installed at home and surprisingly installing cctv system turned out to be a quick process but the most important thing is the fact that my family feels safe since they are under watch by these surveillance systems whether we are in our home or not.

Thanks to my ’s afternoon nap and the technician’s efficiency, my security system was fully installed before my baby even woke up. It’s amazing how much you can get done in a short amount of if you realize when it is most important to act quickly!

I was already a little surprised to learn of the multiple home monitoring systems in our new house – but the real surprise came when I learnt that not only could my husband and I watch what was happening around the house straight from our office computers, but so could any visitor who happened to be using the guest computer! I had thought they would have to look back at footage later on. This was a serious revelation because it meant we now had continuous access to live cctv footage through whatever device we wanted!

And here I thought it would there, but then something even more marvelous happened! I was able to access the live feeds from the cctv system at home on my cell phone. This was such a pleasant surprise and a terrific bonus. Thank you, modern technology!

While my baby certainly misses having a large family around with him all the time, the good news is that he has both his folks around with him at all times.

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