How to Stop Panic Attacks While Pregnant

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reminds me a lot of driving to the mountains. You go up, and you go down! And whenever there’s an incline, or even just a bump in the road it goes without saying that those moments can be especially precarious for new drivers. But hopefully by following these attack tips listed below – you’ll make it through this bumpy ride unscathed!

1. Symptoms of Panic Attacks

It is important to note when what you’re feeling can be attributed either to anxiety or a panic attack. Because the symptoms surrounding every attack are different, it will help to identify what type of attack you are experiencing as a result of your reactions to stressors in your life.

  •  Feeling like you are unable to breathe
  •  Shaking, tension or pain in your muscles
  •  Feeling scared that your life may be in danger, or something terrible is going to happen
  •  Sweating
  •  Racing heartbeat
  •  Double-vision or dizziness
  •  Numbness or tingling sensation in limbs

2. Techniques for Calming Panic Attacks

Remember to breathe

When you’re in the midst of a panic attack, the most important thing to do is remain calm and in control. Calming down will improve your mental well-being. Inhale slowly and deeply, then exhale completely so that you feel lighter than before. Take deep breaths from your diaphragm rather than shallow ones from your chest so that they are more effective at improving your peace of mind. Counting to three during every breath can also help you slow down and think rationally as opposed to panicking as quickly as possible.

Focus on positive thoughts

When our minds are quiet, we can find inner peace. When it’s easy to remain positive and happy about the things going on in your life you will feel more relaxed and empowered giving you more power over your panic attacks.

When you focus your entire attention on one idea, your mind will abandon following worrying thoughts that create a panic attack. Remember that is different and the best way for you to deal with an attack of this type begins by finding out what works for you. For example, if music helps you feel better when falling into a state of panic or anxiety, then listening to it can calm your nerves. However, not everyone has the same reaction as some may find that music tends to have the opposite effect and only aggravate their already fragile mental state .

Reassure yourself

One of the most effective to deal with fears and stress is to think about how unlikely and non life-threatening they are. Fears may seem very real, but it’s always good to remember that when you’re having a panic attack, it’s actually not a huge . Even though it might feel like you and your baby are in a great deal of danger (and often times you are), what you’re feeling physiologically is just an over-reaction to an otherwise harmless everyday occurrence.

3. Long-Term Techniques for Anxiety/Panic Attacks

Diet and exercise

It is vital for people who suffer from anxiety to maintain a healthy diet and exercise. If you’re getting ready to welcome a child into the world, it may be some extra groundwork that helps reduce the chances of an anxiety disorder developing during or after pregnancy. The best way to beat anxiety disorders as well as panic attacks is by tending to your own before you give birth such as avoiding stimulants such as alcohol, cigarettes and during pregnancy; these things are detrimental not only to your baby but also to your own mental .

Talk to your doctor

Try and call up your midwife or doctor, who might be able to help you too. Cognitive therapy is a great way to modify the way you look at situations by letting positive rather than negative thoughts set the tone for your day today. Also it’s very likely that a combination of medication and cognitive therapy that focuses on replacing negative thoughts with realistic positives ones will work best – because the fact is there are some people who are more prone to dealing with panic attacks after having their baby due to hormonal changes.

It is so important to try to remember that the panic attack usually only lasts for a few minutes, not unlike spent on a pair of shoes. Although such attacks seem scary at first, consider that they typically don’t pose any harm. Countless women who are such attacks and can agree that they are unpleasant, but it’s not all bad news because they rarely hurt anyone or anything in particular.

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