Need Spy Gadgets? Check Child’s Toy Bin First

Boy With Binoculars In Treehouse

Do you need to be a bit nosy sometimes? If you’re curious about your spouse, coworker, or neighbor’s movements, you may turn to the internet to find spy gadgets. It is easy with a standard internet search to find spy products and buy the latest items. With that said, if you are interested in being an entrepreneur, there is one place you should first look: your toy bin!

Whether you have a boy or a girl, most love to pretend play. These kids enjoy putting on a persona and pretending to be someone else for at least part of the day. Much like superheroes, they often dress up in costumes and get into character; perhaps they are private investigators or international spies! Even if your has outgrown this stage, they may still make use of a few useful toys in their toy box. What these toys are we discover next.

Walkie-talkies. These devices need to be activated to use. For example, you may need to push or switch on a button to talk. What you can do is hide one device in a room, such as a room that your wife uses to take private calls on her cell phone. You want to hear what she is saying, so active the walkie-talkie. Flip the switch on or use tape to hold the button in place. When activated, you can hear with the other device. Most walkie-talkies for kids, don’t have a far range, but you can usually use them inside a house. Meaning your wife is privately talking on her cell phone in one room and you can be two rooms down listening to the conversations. The same approach works with monitors.

Spy scopes. Children in the “I want to be a spy,” phase are likely to own spy scopes. They are tube shaped and look like something you would find on a submarine. These types of devices are ideal if you want to spy on someone outside of your home, like a neighbor. You can easily set the of the scope on a windowsill. You can also drape a small article of clothing over the top to reduce detection.

Binoculars and telescopes. As with spy scopes, these two toys actually work. Children usually use them to get a good look at wildlife or to see the stars at night. You can use them to spy on someone. Due to most children being small, these devices are usually small. This works for you, as detection is less likely. You aren’t using big bulky telescopes and binoculars to spy, but small ones. These kids’ toys can as spy gadgets for adults in many settings, including at home or in the .

If you are caught, then come clean! Children are a great way to get sympathy. If your neighbor spots something that looks like some kind of surveillance equipment (say, a telescope), then just let them know it’s your child’s new hobby and that you’ll talk to him/her about setting up the right equipment in their room or driveway.

If you don’t have kids, there are still to toys that double as spy gadgets. They are easier to find for sale – they aren’t just sold at specialty spy gadget stores. They are also much cheaper. The quality is lower, but if you have a strict then they are ideal options!

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