December 6, 2022

A Menopause Pregnancy – Seriously! I Never Thought it Was Possible

Menopause pregnancy. Can it happen? Does it happen? What happens when it happens? Well, is does happen more than you may realize but there are answers!

Menopause pregnancy is something that very few women even think about but the chance of pregnancy during menopause is a very real possibility. There are many women out there who will testify to that fact.

The chance of getting pregnant during menopause is usually at it height during the early stages that a women actually enters menopause. This early stage can actually last for 12 consecutive months on average and is one of many menopause signs and symptoms.

The problem occurs when menopause bleeding stops or becomes very intermittent. Many women believe that when their cycles become few and far between that the possibility of pregnancy vanishes like their youth.

Unfortunately, this irregularity in the menstrual cycle is just that, an irregularity. Just because menopausal bleeding has stopped does not mean that ovulation has. This is where the misconception…no pun intended…takes place.

The time of greatest vulnerability is called perimenopause which is the actual onset of menopause itself. Ovarian production slows down and periods become irregular, often for months.

The actual cessation of ovulation can take several years to complete. This false sense of security is what actually leads many a women to quite taking or using birth control methods that otherwise would keep an unwanted pregnancy from occurring.

Menopause can be and is an extremely difficult time in almost all women’s lives. The very thought of complicating all that with an unexpected pregnancy makes even that difficult situation even worse.

It’s not easy to have a child when we get older not to mention having a child in which no preparation has been made or foreseen. Depending on the personal situation some will decide on keeping the child while other may seek to end the pregnancy.

The main thing to remember is that until you are absolutely positive that you have actually entered menopause, do not stop whatever birth control methods you employ.

You can get a simple blood test known as FSH or follicle stimulating hormone to diagnose whether or not you are actually in menopause.

Prevention is the best medicine but knowledge is even better!

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