Can Early Signs Of Trick You Into Thinking You’re Pregnant When You Aren’t

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Many women are in tune with their bodies and notice early signs of . However, it’s important not to jump to conclusions because these same signs could be a result of something other than pregnancy. To avoid disappointment, take a as soon as you witness these signs. There are a number of tests on the market, so it’s easy to cross-check the early signs of pregnancy.

Early Signs of Pregnancy

A missed period is the most commonly cited early sign of pregnancy, and for good reason – it’s usually one of the first things women notice. But it’s important to remember that a missed period can also be caused by other things like , exercise, or production of progesterone and estrogen hormones, which can all delay or stop ovulation temporarily. So if you miss your period, it’s important to take a pregnancy test to be sure.

One of the early signs of pregnancy is , which typically occurs four to six weeks into the pregnancy. However, morning sickness can also be caused by a flu or what is known as phantom pregnancy – when a wishes she were pregnant so much that she begins to exhibit signs of pregnancy.

One of the early signs of pregnancy that can be deceiving is tenderness and swelling of the breasts. If you experience this sign, it’s possible that it could be due to breast cancer. So if you don’t end up being pregnant, you’ll want to have this checked out immediately. Another possible reason for your breasts swelling and feeling tender could be due to ovulation. Some women aren’t as aware that this occurs during their ovulation until they are trying to become pregnant. The heightened awareness of the body can send false early signs of pregnancy.

One of the early signs of pregnancy is feeling the urge to urinate frequently. This is also a symptom of diabetes and drinking lots of carbonated beverages like soda and cola.

If you find yourself experiencing sudden cravings for you don’t typically eat, it could be one of the false early signs of pregnancy. Sometimes cravings occur because our bodies lack essential and minerals. The foods we crave contain the nutrients we need in order to feel our best.

There are a few early signs of pregnancy that can sometimes be misinterpreted. Therefore, it’s crucial to verify with an early pregnancy test before assuming anything. If you’re not pregnant, and you have some of the , take the appropriate measures. You can find more information on early signs of pregnancy , as well as easy purchase of EPT early pregnancy tests.

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