The Best Time To Take An Early Pregnancy Test

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When women at childbearing age are reminded by morning sickness that they may be pregnant, they will go for early pregnancy test. So what is the best time to take an early pregnancy test?

It is explained by experts that early pregnancy refers to the first month after a woman is pregnant. In this period urine test can tell whether a woman is pregnant or not. After a zygote is implanted in the uterus, a new kind of hormone will be produced in the pregnant woman’s body, which is called HCG. And it is beneficial for keeping being pregnant. Urine will contain such hormone, which can be check out in about 10 days after being pregnant. There are many kinds of early pregnancy tests, such as strip test, B-ultrasonic wave test and blood HCG test, etc., whose test types and best times are different.

The best time for every pre-pregnancy test is elaborated as follows, which we hope is helpful to you.

1. Strip test: If you still have no menses after 3-5 days later than normal, you shall take a strip test. If 2 red lines are displayed in the strip, it tells that you are pregnant. Otherwise, it does not.

2. B-ultrasonic wave test: If you still have no menses after about 7 days later than normal, you shall go to hospital to take a B-ultrasonic wave test. If pregnancy aura is seen, it tells that you are pregnant.

3. Blood HCG test: What is the best time for early pregnancy test? Usually you can go to hospital to take a blood HCG test in about 20 days after sex.

4. Basal temperature test: Before ovulation women’s temperature is below 36.5 C, and their temperature will increase by 0.3-0.5 C after ovulation. If the ovum is not inseminated, the progestogen will decrease and their temperature will recover to the normal after about 1 week. If it is inseminated, their temperature will be kept in a high level. The test begins at pre-pregnancy and ends at 1 week after ovulation. If their temperature is kept in a high level for more than 18 days after 1 week, they are definitely pregnant. So we can say the beginning time for this method is the earliest, and its time period is the longest, because their temperature shall keep being taken everyday for more than 1 week at least.

5. Other tests: as the case may be. If you have diseases in heart, liver, kidney and thyroid, etc., you shall go for physician and make clear whether you will be in increasingly high risk if keeping being pregnant. Moreover, it is very necessary for the couples who have RSA (recurrent spontaneous abortion) to take a comprehensive medical test in the early pregnancy period.

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