The Signs and Symptoms of Pregnancy

Every woman especially within the childbearing age and those who are ready would certainly feel excited to get pregnant as soon as possible. Getting pregnant is a decision both the husband and the wife has to ensure that they are both ready to embark on such journey together.

The readiness of the couple to having a new member of their family plays a crucial role in the outcome and success of giving birth and in the pregnancy period of the woman.

The Normal Physiology of the Female Reproductive System

There is a certain age of the woman wherein the body prepares the body to house a fetus. This is usually signaled with the first menarche of the woman. The menstrual period of the woman signifies that there is already a release of mature egg by the ovaries. The shredding of the tissues that causes bleeding signifies as well that the uterus is strong and mature enough to hold and house the placenta, which is the powerhouse for the growing fetus inside the womb.

The pelvic bone of the woman is different from that of the male. The male usually have the adenoid pelvis that is usually narrow. Women have gynecoid pelvis, which is the most essential type of pelvic form to be able to house and facilitate the birthing process of the baby.

There are two female hormones that are responsible for the female features. Not only do they play in the role and function for giving women the female look but they are also necessary in the pregnancy stage.

The PMS Signs and Symptoms

Usually the signs and symptoms of pregnancy are usually mistaken with those of the pre menstrual period (PMS). These are the following common signs and symptoms of PMS

1)Increase in size of the breast
2)Tenderness of the breast
3)Mood swings
4)Heat flushes
5)Increase in vaginal secretion
6)Some has an increase in appetite
7)Nausea and vomiting

These signs and symptoms are usually seen in the PMS period. However, they are also present as a sign and symptom of pregnancy. They are also referred to as presumptive sign. With this it means that it may be possible that the woman is pregnant. If she does experience this, she would then have to undergo certain tests to validate that she indeed is pregnant.

The POSITIVE Signs and Symptoms of Pregnancy

1)Absence of menstruation
2)Positive Urine pregnancy test
3)Increase in progesterone level
4)Positive for fetal heart beat through Ultrasound
5)Chadwicks sign

When a woman finds she is positive and is experiencing these enumerated signs and symptoms, she is advised then to seek medical consultation, preferably from her obstetrician gynecologist. Hereon she will be having monthly and weekly checkups to monitor her pregnancy for the next 9 months. Finding an ob-gynecologist may be hard for a woman; however, it is essential that she finds the doctor as someone she is comfortable with, whom she can be able to talk to freely and air out certain concerns and questions that may be bothering her with the pregnancy. A good relationship with the ob-gynecologist helps in the success of the birthing process and delivering of the baby when the time comes.

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