Common Pregnancy Problems You Should Be Aware Of

There are common pregnancy problems you must know:

Enhanced Blood Pressure: Usually at the time of pregnancy one develops high blood pressure. During this stage high blood pressure indicates that the pressure in blood vessels, especially arteries is considerably higher. Any women suffering from high blood pressure during pregnancy is conducive to pre-eclampsia, and it may seriously affect the body organs like liver, kidney and blood vessels. Under such circumstance it becomes important to control blood pressure during pregnancy.

Gestational Diabetes: Another frequent pregnancy related problem is gestational diabetes. In such circumstances the pregnant women develops a high blood sugar content that dissipates only with the birth of the baby. In this connection it is advisable for pregnant women with gestational diabetes to have the blood sugar content checked annually.

Itchy skin: Prickly skin is one of the problems in early pregnancy. A woman who has conceived feels itchy especially around the breasts and expanding abdomen. The primary reason of scratchy skin is attributed to hormones. Usually when the pregnant women’s skin expands across the stomach it stretches, resulting in drier and itchy skin. It is essential to take care of skin at the time of pregnancy.

Fever: Within the first quarter of pregnancy, a woman frequently experiences fever. Slight temperature is normal during the early stages of pregnancy and can happen at any period. However, higher temperature during pregnancy is definitely injurious as it can result in fetal death.

Weight Gain: Gaining body weight is one of the common pregnancy related problems. It happens because of enhanced blood circulation within the body.

Swelling: Other problems after pregnancy is swelling. This may occur in different parts of the body like hands, feet and face, etc. Swelling is attributed to increased intake of fluid during the pregnancy phase. If a pregnant woman consumes less water it helps.

Backache: Backache is also among pregnancy related problems. At the time of pregnancy, due to the production of numerous hormones and one of these hormones is called Relaxin. This hormone is a prime factor in softening the ligaments and pelvis so as to ensure that that the baby moves out through the pelvis smoothly. Backache results in numbness, hardening and soreness of the back.

Cough and Cold: One of the most usual problems during pregnancy is cough and cold. This is because of the reduced resistance level of the immunity system during pregnancy phase. In the event of cough and cold being of serious nature, the pregnant woman should ensure the fetus remains secure. This is important as pregnant women’s persistent cough could result in miscarriage.

Other problems during pregnancy which are common are sleeping problem. Sleeping problems during pregnancy result due to lack of proper diet and exercise. To overcome such difficulties, the pregnant woman should exercise regularly backed by an appropriate level of protein intake. They should also ensure that stress and anxiety are avoided and maintain regular sleeping hours and rest frequently.

With these tips common pregnancy problems can be overcome to a great extent.

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