Common Problems During the Third Trimester of Your Pregnancy

Pregnancy is a time when a woman glows with the anticipation of her new joy,a new life she is bringing into this world, this is a time of wonder, a time of amazement, a time that can feel like an eternity when common complaints of pregnancy can make you feel less than glowing!

Yes indeed pregnancy is wonderful but back aches, breathlessness, rib pain and high blood pressure can all leave you worn out and overwhelmed. Fortunately there are natural solutions for common complaints that really do work.

In the third trimester most women begin feeling just as bad if not worse than they felt in the first trimester of pregnancy. There may well have been fewer problems in the second trimester from what was felt in the first but in the third trimester you may well come back to realise just how very, very pregnant you are.

Back aches and rib pain is experience in nearly every pregnancy and can range from fairly mild to extreme.

The pain of a back ache is usually in the lower back and goes down the legs; this can be aggravated by standing for long periods of time. Twisting or turning as well as poor positioning while sleeping also causes and contributes to back pain.

Hormones are playing a part in this situation and will allow your joints and ligaments to loosen to assist your body and prepare it for birth. Massages for the back and strengthening exercises can help as well as proper alignment from a qualified chiropractor. Wearing flat supportive shoes and sleeping on a firm mattress can help too.

The rib pain that is often felt is usually caused by the uterus pressing into the abdomen and in turn into your ribs. Tiny baby feet will find their way under the rib cage as well as baby stretches in the head down position preparing for birth. There is little that can be done for this complaint other than wearing comfortable loose clothes and stretching the abdomen a bit with an exercise ball or by leaning into a wall as you face it.

Along with the rib pain many women experience breathlessness, like there is just not enough room for baby and lungs too, this is kind of often the case. Often breathlessness and rib pain will subside a little after week 36 when the baby drops into the birthing position. Propping up with pillows while lying down or even sitting can help move the baby off of the diaphragm. Experimenting with positions to find what is most comfortable and effective is about the only solution.

High blood pressure can be common and must be addressed in pregnancy. High blood pressure in pregnancy needs to be carefully monitored by a health care provider to avoid serious complications such as eclampsia and even death. Some ways to prevent high blood pressure before it begins is a healthy diet, avoiding caffeine, spicy foods and nicotine and exercising regularly. Mild to moderate high blood pressure can often be controlled by deep relaxation, meditation, eating raw garlic, parsley and onion as well as cucumber. Always follow the recommendations of the health care provider and check with him or her before any herbal or other supplements.

Just as there are many different complaints in the third trimester there are many different solutions and one of the best ways to obtain information is in mass numbers of experience. Reading books, web sites and message boards often can provide the information that not only matches the symptom but the personality as well. Searching out the camaraderie of others who are going through it too gives a sense of community that can ease those blues.

Always remember to check with a health care provider before following herbal or any advice that creates a feeling of doubt…better to be safe.

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