Conception And Pre-pregnancy

Is pregnancy just the nine months before your child is born? Of course not, and good parents are going to consider things like conception, and the months before they conceive. Why? Optimal health prior to conception is now considered a great way of reducing risks and enjoying the best experience possible. It is also linked to healthier offspring too! It is also important to remember that ideal grounds for conception involve both parents, and so it is best if Mom and Dad are as healthy as they can be as well.

How is that done? Conception is going to be healthier when bad habits are long gone. Just consider the following:

Smoking – Around twenty to thirty percent of underweight newborns and roughly fourteen percent of premature babies are born to mothers who smoked throughout pregnancy. Even more shocking is that around ten percent of infant deaths are due to parental smoking.

Alcohol – There is absolutely no reason to consume alcohol during pregnancy and in the months before conception, and it is best to drop any habits before becoming pregnant.

Prescription medications – If you read the hazards or risks associated with many medications you will see a startling number of times that they indicate a risk for birth defect. Talk with a pharmacist and your physician about the options for eliminating any prescription drug use in the months before conception.

Herbal formulas – The FDA does not often review or approve herbal remedies. That alone says a lot. So, discuss any herbal formulations that you use with a physician.

Caffeine – Coffee may be your “drug of choice,” but it leads to everything from increased blood pressure to an increase in miscarriage. It does impact the body, so try to slowly wean yourself from caffeine of all kinds in the months before you conceive.

You also have to consider the general health and well-being of both parents. This means that your plans for pregnancy should include months of healthy eating, regular exercise and de-stressing activities. Not only does this lay the foundation for a healthier pregnancy, but it is going to ensure that you are already enjoying very healthy habits that you will take with you into the pregnancy and beyond.

You should also make special arrangements before attempting to become pregnant if you have any of the following health conditions:

High blood pressure
Thyroid problems

Special treatment may be required, and the more you know about it, the more you can prepare for it and enjoy a happy and healthy pregnancy.

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