Cosmetic Surgery after Pregnancy and Motherhood

Pregnancy is one of the blessings of life. The act of creating new life with someone you love is a beautiful thing. However, what this beautiful new creature does to your body is not such a blessing. Many women, after giving birth, are left with extra skin and stretch marks on their belly. Additionally, they are left with limp and sagging breasts after breast feeding. Many women grow unhappy with this change in their body shape. Often no amount of diet and exercising can alleviate stretched and loose skin and sagging breasts. This is where a cosmetic surgeon can help. Cosmetic surgery is a great option for women who want a -mommy makeover-. These procedures are designed for women who have gone through pregnancy and are unhappy with how their body now looks. They restore a more youthful and attractive appearance to the woman’s body.

A tummy tuck in Boston can really help in making the lower abdomen smooth and flat. This is done by removing excess skin and fat from the lower belly and then suturing the skin back together. The incision line is from hip to hip but hidden below the bikini line and thus easily concealable. This incision line does leave a scar that will gradually begin to fade over time but will still be present. Breast implants in Boston will help with deflated and sagging breasts. After pregnancy and breast feeding, many women lose their youthful and plump breasts. A breast augmentation can restore fullness, thereby making the breasts larger and perky at the same time. This is done by inserting either saline or silicone implants into the chest cavity, above or below the muscle.

The incision sites are made in places that are easily concealed in the contours of the body, such as the crease of the breast, the areola, and the armpit. These are usually very small and fade gradually over time until they are almost unnoticeable. If you or a loved one has become unhappy with their body shape after pregnancy, cosmetic surgery is a great option to get your body looking fit and youthful. However, make sure to consult with a qualified cosmetic surgeon who has years of experience performing the targeted procedures. Also, make sure you are fully aware of all risks or complications that can occur and what the end result is likely to be.


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