Depression And Pregnancy Use Subliminal Messages

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Pregnancy is supposed to be one of the most anticipated and joyous moments in every womans life. But not everyone experiences the euphoria. Studies reveal that at least 10 percent of pregnant women go through depression.

Depression and Pregnancy: What Is It?

What is the relation between pregnancy and depression? How does it happen?

Depression is a mental and emotional disorder that can happen to anyone, even to those who are currently pregnant. A lot of factors are attributed to it.

One of these is hormones. Hormones determine the communication among neurons in the body. Hence, any form of disruption can change your physical and mental well-being. When you are pregnant, your hormones are on a rage, causing changes in the brain chemistry.

You are also likely going to suffer from depression if you have been diagnosed with it even before pregnancy or when you have family members who experienced pregnancy depression.

Depression is also common among single mothers and those who have unplanned pregnancies, as well as women who are facing relationship issues, especially with their partners.

Pregnant mothers should deal with the condition as soon as possible as it can endanger not only their lives but also their childs. Depressed pregnant women are more prone to premature labor.

Signs and Symptoms of Depression

There is a possibility you are suffering from depression if you exhibit the following signs and symptoms:

Constant sadness
Loss of self-worth or self-esteem
Lack of interest to usual activities
Recurrent thought of suicide or death
Feeling of hopelessness or helplessness
Panic attack or anxiety
Feelings of guilt
Lack of concentration
Insomnia or excessive sleep
Loss or gain of too much appetite
Nausea and dizziness
Change in bowel movements

Plenty of cases of pregnancy depression are left undiagnosed. Both patients and doctors attribute signs and symptoms to typical mood changes. However, since pregnancy depression may be carried over even after birth, it is important it will be diagnosed and treated as soon as possible.

Depression during Pregnancy: How to Cope with It

Virtually all depressed pregnant mothers are not allowed to take any prescription or medication. Nevertheless, that does not mean there isnt anything you can do about it. There are plenty of ways on how to effectively deal with depression. These include seeking counselling and using subliminal messages.

A lot of organizations now offer a depression hotline. You can talk to a professional who are in the best position to help you. You may also schedule private or group therapy sessions that can include simulations and other cognitive and behavioral approaches.

You can also make use of subliminal messages. Also known as affirmations, these are utilized to help change the way your mind thinks. The messages get into the subconscious part of your mind, where they remain seated and uninfluenced by outside factors. When activated, they may modify a negative perception to a positive one.

Spend the rest of your pregnancy months worry-free. Deal with depression immediately.

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