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A is when a girl under the age of legal adulthood becomes pregnant. Most developed countries see teen as negative; however, some ethnic groups around the world see it as positive. In these cultures, teen pregnancy is seen as a sign of fertility in young females. Therefore, her pregnancy confirms that she is perfectly capable of bearing children – something that is celebrated rather than looked down upon.

A teen pregnancy can actually be quite hazardous to both the mother and her infant. The teenaged girl is too young and her reproductive system, too vulnerable at this stage of her life. Under such circumstances, her falling pregnant and giving to a child can take a permanent toll on her whole system. So it’s best to avoid it if possible or be sure to get proper medical care if it does occur.

There are some factors causing a teen pregnancy. These are:

Experimenting with

The root cause of many teenage pregnancies is often a lack of knowledge about sex and the consequences of unsafe sex. When puberty begins, the goes through a lot of and produces new hormones that can cause previously unknown sexual desires. This, combined with a sense of rebellion and the desire to express freedom, can cause teenagers to have sex without thinking about how it could affect their future.

Peer pressure

Many adolescents in developed countries engage in sexual behavior at an age due to peer pressure. This increases the likelihood of teenage pregnancies. If a teen is part of a group that indulges in this kind of behavior, the chances of the teen engaging in sex themselves are higher because they feel pressured to conform to the group.

Failure of contraceptives

No matter how careful you are, there’s always a possibility that something could go wrong when it comes to contraception – especially for teenagers who may not be as knowledgeable about using it correctly. For instance, many teenagers don’t realize that emergency birth control pills or the ‘morning after’ pill should never be used as regular birth control. Similarly, improper use of condoms can often lead to them tearing during sex, which could then result in a pregnancy.

Familial environment

Studies have shown that the general environment in a family can play a role in causing teen pregnancies. Women who have experienced abuse or an unnatural environment at a young age are more likely to become teenage mothers, while those from normal, loving tend to be better adjusted and carry on with life normally.

Teen pregnancy can be a very traumatic experience for the teenage girl, both physically and emotionally. In fact, this event may actually end up affecting her whole family as well. Though all countries of the world are trying to take maximum measures to curb teen pregnancy, this issue continues to its ugly head from to time.

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