17 Weeks Pregnant – Your Weekly Guide to

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If you are pregnant, it is important to track your ’s development and your own physical changes week by week. This will not only help you to gauge his or her progress, but also prepare you for the modifications you will experience in your own body. Here is a weekly for 16 and 17 weeks of .

16 weeks pregnant

At 16 weeks pregnant, your baby would measure up to 5 inches from head to buttocks, and weigh in at 3 ounces. At this stage, their and ears are properly placed over the head, and they may be able to move or hear noises. Their nails are also starting to develop, as well as lashes, , and brows on their face. Their heart is also developed enough to begin pumping blood around their body. As there is still plenty of space for them to move around at this stage, you may be able to their movements.

At this stage in your pregnancy, your uterus has swelled from the pubic bone to the belly button. This is a blessed for mothers because the that comes with pregnancy is subsided, along with the respite from mood alterations. The muscles and ligaments around the uterus will start strengthening to support further growth. This is also the week when you will notice a slight movement in your belly, which is caused by the somersaults of your baby.

17 weeks pregnant

At this stage in your baby’s development, he or she is growing rapidly and measuring up to 9 inches from head to toe. His/her skeleton, which was once primarily composed of tender cartilage, is now developing into stronger bone structure. The knee and other joints are properly developed and functional. The weight of your fetus will be around five ounces and is increasing rapidly. The sweat glands are beginning to form under the thin and transparent .

At 17 weeks pregnant, the mother’s center of gravity changes the most, which, unfortunately, also makes it more likely that she will fall when standing or walking.  You may also experience sty in your eye, which is a condition that leaves eyes feeling dry and uncomfortable. To combat this, it is important to get some lubricating eye drops from a specialist. In addition, it is vital to keep your high heels stored away in a cupboard from now on as the shift in your center of gravity could cause trauma if you were to wear them.

These next two weeks are crucial for the development of your fetus and your body. Be sure to take care of yourself by eating a balanced diet, exercising and staying hydrated to support the growth of your baby.

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