How To Protect Yourself From And Get Rid Of Constipation

is a time in a ’s life when she is carrying a baby. It can come with various changes to her and hormones. The more well-known changes are morning sickness, , headaches, hot flushes and increased appetite. However, there are also less spoken about changes like constipation – which can be caused by unhealthy eating habits or irregular bowel movements.

The of constipation during pregnancy and post-delivery are varied, but the condition usually persists even in the early after delivery. In some cases, women who tear their rectal tissue during childbirth also experience intense pain when they try to defecate afterwards. This can be repaired after delivery, but the pain may persist. This could lead to very painful constipation for her. In some cases, because of the pain accompanying it, the women hold it in for a long period which actually ends up worsening the as it just leads to a build up of toxic waste in the colon.

Some women who have had a Cesarean section may find that their bowel movements are just delayed for a short period of time after delivery. Other common factors are medicinal side effects, increased level of stress, changed diet, insufficient sleep, low fluid intake, and consumption of caffeinated fluids and drinks. To treat and possibly cure pregnancy constipation, there are various .

A diet rich in fiber from and vegetables helps avoid constipation, and moderate exercise like walking can reduce bloating. Drink lots of fluids and avoid caffeinated beverages to prevent dehydration. Pregnant women should take calcium or vitamin supplements designed for them.

Another way to deal with constipation is by using stool softeners, though it’s important to only use them as a short-term solution as they can have negative consequences when used for an extended period of time. People who regularly use laxatives often find themselves having to rely on them for bowel movements because the colon muscles get used to not contracting and causing the normal bowel movements. This can be an unpleasant and sometimes even painful experience, so it’s best to avoid it if at all possible.

There are a number of normal fruits that can help treat constipation and make us feel healthier overall. These are the fruits that can help ease constipation:

1) Mangoes; This tropical fruit is not only popular in Africa, but it’s also an extremely effective natural remedy for constipation. No one who has used it as a treatment for constipation has ever failed to see results – it really is that amazing! Mangoes are only found in tropical climates, so if you don’t live in an area where they’re readily available, you might have to wait a bit longer to reap the benefits of this delicious fruit. Eat one mango in the morning and one at night, and you’ll be having regular, easy bowel movements in no time!

2) Bael fruit; This works extremely well in constipation. To begin treatment, eat the fruit every day for three months.

3) Pear; If you’re looking for a natural way to relieve constipation, try eating a medium-sized pear at breakfast or after dinner. Pears are a rich source of dietary fiber, which can help promote regularity and prevent constipation.

4) Guava; Eat two guavas every day, with the seeds. This will help with bowel evacuation.

Herbal colon cleansers are a great way to cleanse your colon and improve your overall , as they have longer-lasting positive effects with no known side effects. There are some great natural supplements for colon available on the market that can help you get the most out of your cleansing experience.

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