Evening Sickness Or Morning Sickness – What is the Difference

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When a gets , she may feel sick at any of the day. She also may feel sick in the afternoon or evening. If she feels sick in the evening, it is called “morning sickness.” In one way, this is not correct. Many women feel sick or vomit most often in the morning hours.

Morning sickness is a natural occurrence that is meant to pregnant women from food toxins and keep the growing baby healthy. While early in , there are increased amounts of hormones in a woman’s body. These hormones the sense of smell and make acid come out in the , so they can be used to help protect the growing baby. Morning sickness may cause women to have an upset stomach, but this helps with digestion and is usually over soon after starting your day.

There has been much speculation whether morning sickness can be a predictor of the sex of your baby.  Some women who have carried multiple pregnancies claim that they felt greater symptoms of morning sickness in the early stages of their gestation. However, there is no scientific evidence to these claims and many women have discussed their experiences with morning sickness on support but no clear pattern emerges over there to link morning sickness to the sex of your baby.

Every pregnant woman can tell you that it’s the same feeling of nausea and morning or evening sickness that makes you sick. So, what does it matter if it happens in the morning or at night? Many a times spicy lunch could be the culprit for this evening sickness. It is important to avoid spicy and fried foods during early stages of pregnancy as these are not for an expecting mother.

Precautions to avoid morning, evening or night sickness:

Avoid empty stomach; eat protein rich food in small quantities at regular intervals. Avoid spicy, fried food.

Drink plenty of water or juice to replenish lost fluid.

Drink ginger lemon beverages to control nausea.

Sleep in a well ventilated room, avoid smells that repel you.

Avoid jerky movements when getting up from bed.

Morning, night, or afternoon sickness – whatever you may call it; pregnant women cannot avoid this. The good news is that it lasts only for a weeks.

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