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is the most magical thing that can happen to a woman. Aside from carrying the seed of a new life inside of her, she gets showered by an endless stream of wonder every time she feels their child kick and move.

Many are unaware of the physical, emotional and mental changes they will encounter during pregnancy. For example, many pregnant women relocate to be nearer to their prenatal doctors, purchase new clothes and even bake treats for friends and family – but all this lead-up to having a baby can also consist of many significant symptoms that require special attention such as cleaner air quality, reduced stress levels and a boost in your hygiene routine.

For women that are expecting, the effects of constipation can be challenging. The trouble with detoxifying is that it may not seem that difficult to do, but it can certainly become very uncomfortable especially during this period in which women experience a change in their bodies and must get acclimated to what they’re going through.

What Pregnancy Constipation

Increase Production Of Progesterone In The

As the body copes with pregnancy, it produces more progesterone than usual. This hormone is responsible for the proper development of the fetus and ensures that the placenta works as it should.

On the other hand, progesterone hormone also relaxes the bowels muscles. Consequently, slowing down digestion, which may result in constipation. Because of these effects, pregnant mothers can experience more problems with constipation and related issues of this kind.

Body Weight Increase

During pregnancy, women experience pressure on their abdominal area which can often result in the intestines being compressed therefore become unable to operate properly.

Moreover, aside from the pressure of the developing fetus, a woman’s figure can also have an impact on her digestive system including colon activity. Aside from being immobile due to pregnancy, one of the main reasons women get constipated is because they eat raw fruits and vegetables that are high in fiber content which expands as it enters the body.

Pregnancy Vitamins And

When taking prenatal vitamins and pregnancy supplements, one needs to be careful that they do not include iron or calcium as these types of supplements can bring about constipation amongst pregnant women.

What Are The Signs And Symptoms Of Constipation?

Generally, pregnant women who from constipation can experience during defecation. They may also have a hard time passing stool, experience stomach aches, and other abdominal problems that are likely to occur.

Treatment Of Constipation

Expecting mothers need to carefully read all of the ingredients on the medications they may be taking. It’s much safer and kinder on their baby if they use home remedies such as these ones instead as they have no side effects and are just as effective at dealing with problems related to potential .

Increase The Amount Intake Of Fiber

Fiber is very important to maintain the normal functioning of the digestive system. It helps to keep your colon clean and it keeps fluids in stool, which prevents them from becoming dry. Dried plums, apples with , dried apricots and pears are all sources of fiber.

Increase Water Intake

You can’t just take fiber and expect your system to purge out all damaging waste materials that eat away at the insides of your body without proper hydration to help it flush. The best way to truly cleanse the body is by having a nice tall glass of liquid fiber along with purified water which contains minerals without any impurities taste-taste (lol). Moreover, water prevents solids from drying out making them much easier for the body’s natural digestive processes to work their magic so you’re left with a strong, healthy body full of energy.

Small Frequent Meals

Eating three large meals a day should be avoided because this can lead to indigestion. Instead, eating many small meals every day is much better for the intestines as it can help them move out the bowels faster and more efficiently than if only three big meals are consumed. This will help you to avoid unnecessary discomforts of pregnancy like heartburns, nausea or dyspepsia.

Regular Exercise

Walking and running are two exercises that can be used to stay healthy and improve one’s overall physical . By walking and running, the heart is stimulated so that it may accelerate at a natural rate of speed which in turn stimulates the natural contraction of many vital muscular organs including the digestive system.

No doubt that pregnancy is a wonderful experience. However, there are numerous physical changes that expecting women must cope with. One of them is constipation which can be frustrating and uncomfortable. Luckily, the following home remedies will have you moving again in no time!

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