Issues – Three Harmless Home Remedies For Constipation

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Expecting mothers endure a lot of physical changes in the process of , nursing and rearing. Besides developing a child, she may suffer from swollen feet, headaches and backaches, , , depression and constipation.

It is normal for women to experience constipation. Although it’s not lethal, it can be distressing and inconvenient. It can cause a lot of pain, but then again this condition is extremely common among expecting mothers and there are ways to relieve the symptoms when you’re experiencing constipation during any stage of your !

Why Do Expectant Women Experience Constipation?

There are many reasons that lead to constipation during pregnancy. A pregnant woman produces more progesterone, a female body hormone that maintains the placenta. This female hormone also makes the intestinal muscles relax. It slows down the process of elimination. This causes partial obstruction in intestine which can lead to a number of complications and even end up in miscarriage due to excessive pressure put on uterine walls

Furthermore, which are prescribed to pregnant women to boost the immune system can actually affect elimination. such as iron and in the can in fact cause constipation.

Another reason why expecting mothers get constipated can be traced to the pressure felt by the baby in the mother’s lower abdomen. This pain is what causes a blockage and prevents the body from getting rid of waste as it should – hence constipation. Moreover, some pregnant women experience less physical activity, often due to body weight changes and schedules, which also adds up to this condition.

What Can They Do About It?

Unfortunately, constipation can last throughout your pregnancy. Women should not take any medications without consulting their respective doctors. Household remedies are recommended since these alternatives have less or no reported side .

Take Lots Of Water, Vegetables And Fruits

Drinking water, eating plenty of vegetables and fruits can help lessen chafing caused by constipation. And while they still aren’t able to back-out the feeling of being backed up, vegetables are high in fiber which helps one to have a cleaner colon.

Drinking lots of water also helps prevent constipation by increasing fluid in the colon which prevents feces from drying out. Without enough water, feces dry up, making it harder to pass and potentially resulting in constipation. Only drinking water isn’t enough on its own though, so make sure you’re eating right too and working those fruits high in fiber and water into your diet like melons or papayas.

Take Yogurt As A Fortifying Snack

If you’re going to be eating yogurt on a daily basis as a healthy breakfast food, you should be aware that there are different varieties. Some kinds of yogurt will offer you more than others. One kind of yogurt that you might want to try is Greek yogurt. Yogurt can either be fresh or strained…

Regular Exercise

Expecting women are excited about exercising as they know that it will be a great way to stay healthy and also have a positive impact on the baby. It’s recommended to do exercises like jogging or walking at least 12 weeks into pregnancy and symptoms such as cramping should be reported first to a doctor.

Some may say that it is fine to take over-the-counter laxatives while pregnant because they are safe. However, taking this type of treatment must be discussed with their respective doctors to make sure the drugs will benefit them more than harm. Instead of taking laxatives, it is better to take a colon cleanser with no harmful chemicals or artificial ingredients and ingredients that have been proven to be safer for pregnant women and still effective at clearing out their intestines of feces stuck inside.

What’s even more beneficial is that there are a lot of home remedies. They’re not so bad after all, right? Sometimes the best things to use against constipation are actually just what we already have at home. But remember to always check with doctors or an expert if you are not sure any medications have side effects because some of them are not good for pregnant women or can harm babies.

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