Tips During Your Pregnancy To Sleep Better

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Having a baby is an exciting time but it can also be a reality check when you realize that your small, manageable life has just become a much larger, more complicated one. The reality of this transition begins to hit almost immediately as women begin to the earliest signs of their – feelings and symptoms such as fatigue, nausea and even missing her period are just some examples that might come to mind.

Morning sickness is a common occurrence during the first trimester of so finding a comfortable way to sleep is a huge concern. You’ll likely be uncomfortable throughout your pregnancy but it will be most evident during the first month especially when it comes down to positions you can and cannot sleep in. Generally, you’ll probably the hottest right after lunch time so keeping cool has always been a priority for women. So if you’re finding it hard to sleep at night, remember that getting air flow in your room is one of the best ways of ensuring a restful night’s sleep! Sleeping on your back not only drags downward on the spinal cord but more pressure is placed on the large intestine, which in can give you hemorrhoids and constipation. There are several pillows like one that wraps around your knees or a flat under your head to alleviate some of the pressure off of your organs.

Sleeping on your left side will help to improve blood circulation and allow for optimal placenta development. It also helps your kidneys efficiently eliminate fluids from your body, which will put the kibosh on swollen ankles or edema . If you tend to get cold at night, it’s safe to use a clean electric blanket, just don’t let your baby overheat because that could be unhealthy.

You’ll find you have to go to the bathroom more often and having to get up multiple times a night is unavoidable. The best way to make this easier on yourself is to restrict your intake no less than 2 hours before going to bed. Also, have some lights on that can be dimmed or lower intensity so as not wake yourself up; instead, it will make it easier for you to stay in sleep mode so when you need to get up in the middle of the night, it won’t interfere with your body’s rest cycle.

You might find your mind preoccupied with the thought of the new baby, but don’t worry! There are plenty of quick little things you can do to calm yourself down and get some rest — try practicing a few little exercises like meditation, journaling or gentle restorative yoga after dinner. If you’re still feeling tired even after doing those activities, then don’t waste any more time trying to go back to sleep. Instead, get out of bed and go do something else until you feel rested enough to try again later!

Kelly McBride is actively involved in helping expecting and new mothers with there goals. Her expertise includes teaching and postpartum Pilates which combines techniques aimed at restoring the pelvis after giving birth, preparing new moms for delivery, and preventing problems.

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