Smoking In The Course Of – Hidden Dangers To Your Unborn Child

while pregnant puts the unborn child at risk and many women know this. But many may not know the full extent of the risk. There is a long of possible and consequences for a baby whose mother smoked while pregnant. The fetus can even suffer negative effects if you inhale second hand smoke. So a mother really has to make sure that she is protecting not only herself, but her baby while she is carrying. There are many safe methods available to you quit as well as systems if you don’t have support at home. Continue reading to learn more about the devastating effects on the child from smoking during .

Your baby doesn’t have a say in whether or not you smoke, so you shouldn’t do it.

Carbon monoxide and nicotine are just some of the chemicals that you and your baby inhale while smoking. smoking now. Formaldehyde is just one of the hundreds of chemicals that are put into cigarettes.

One of the possibilities caused by smoking is a higher chance of your baby having a cleft palate, cleft lip, or both.

The reality is that both are considered birth defects and either one or both are more possible in your baby due to the mother smoking while pregnant. Specifically, a cleft in any tissue is a result of incomplete closing during development or growth before birth. The future effects on your child will be tremendous, various speech problems and social stigma will negatively impact your child.

This is only one of the many risks associated with smoking while pregnant. Some of the additional risks include but are not limited to mental retardation, difficulty and cerebral palsy. Sudden infant death is the biggest risk of smoking while pregnant.

There is tremendous cause for concern when a mother smokes during .

The highly negative effects of smoking during pregnancy are not fully understood at this time. While the discussed effects have been regarding the unborn baby, these effects won’t disappear after birth. These consequences are far reaching and can affect the child well into adulthood. The effects of the dire consequences of smoking during pregnancy can last the child’s lifetime. That is why awareness and support to quit smoking is so incredibly important for both mother and baby.

Any of these hints might be beneficial for yourself during and also after the pregnancy period. Having said that, if you one of those ladies who difficult to conceive a baby, then have a look at the links below.

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