Steps To Promote Healthy Pregnancy

Healthy pregnancy is what every expecting parents wish. Pregnancy is the perfect time to start taking care of your body and health. Expecting parents always worry about the safe pregnancy but if they follow some simple steps they can prevent some of the pregnancy issues. Not all complications can be prevented completely but few steps can make your nine month journey easier and healthier.

No mother wants to make her baby suffering inside the womb or after birth and that is the reason it is important to follow some precautions before and during the pregnancy. No matter you will have high risk pregnancy or you are just trying to avoid the high risk pregnancy, you can follow these basics steps for healthy pregnancy as well as for babys health:

Talk to your doctor as soon as you find that you are pregnant. Take proper prenatal care either if you are thinking about becoming mother or you are already conceiving. Consult your health care provider for prenatal vitamins before pregnancy and if you have any medical issue, might be your body need adjustment to prepare for pregnancy. Dont forget to schedule your later appointments according to the health care provider recommendations. Make its your habit to visit regular prenatal care.

In case you are taking medicine for any health issue, make ensure to discuss it with your Gynecologist. Do not wait to discuss it later as any medicine can harm your babys health.

Adopt healthy and balanced diet during pregnancy. Diet rich in whole grains, fresh fruits and vegetables, at least five portion of it daily. Take supplements of folic acid (Vitamin B 9) as this will help to produce new cells and maintains them. Plenty of fiber and carbohydrate such as pasta, rice and bread should be include in your daily diet. Keep remember you dont need to eat extra calories food for two for first six months and after that you just need to take 200 calories extra in a day.

Be careful about the freshness and hygiene of food that you are eating during pregnancy. Some food contains health risk for your body such as unpasteurized milk, uncooked food, and mould- ripens cheeses, Roquefort etc. These foods can harm your babys health and give rise to birth complications also.

When you are trying to conceive, avoid alcohol and caffeine rich drinks as these will reduce the chances of pregnancy and also harm developing fetus. Instead of these you can try fruit juice and green or fruit tea as an alternatives.

Do exercise regularly before pregnancy that help you to cope better with extra weight and also makes easier for you to come back in your previous figure after baby birth. Swimming, yoga, meditation, brisk walking, and pilates are some good choices during pregnancy.

Follow these simple steps as these will help to promote your pregnancy and in case you find yourself uncomfortable at any stage of pregnancy, it is advisable to make a call to your health care provider.

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