Suffering From a Restless Sleep Pregnancy 5 Tips to Help You Sleep Like a Baby When Pregnant

Are you suffering from a restless sleep pregnancy? How ironic is it that just when you need the most sleep is when you are having the most difficulty sleeping? You are not alone. Many expectant mothers experience difficulties sleeping but you can get a peaceful night’s sleep by following some easy tips.

There are a number of reasons why mothers to be may have difficulties sleeping. The primary reason is that the growing size of the fetus causes pressure and discomfort that makes it difficult to get comfortable. As your baby grows it may become impossible for you to sleep in your favorite position, especially if you are a back or stomach sleeper.

You may also have difficulty sleeping due to frequent urination, heartburn, nausea, backache, or leg cramps. Yikes! How is an expectant mother ever to get a good night of sleep? Rest easy, the following tips can help you to get the sleep you need.

Avoid drinking any caffeinated beverages in the afternoon or evening. It seems logical but be careful not to drink caffeine as it can add to restless sleep.
Get into a sleeping routine. Try your best to keep a consistent sleeping routine so your body learns to relax at the same time every day.
Avoid any kind of exercise before you go to bed. Instead do something relaxing like taking a warm (not hot) bath (no longer than 15 minutes) before you go to bed.
Make sure you get your fluids but try to drink most of them earlier in the day to avoid frequent bathroom trips during the night.
If you are having difficulty finding a comfortable sleeping position, try a Maternity Pillow. These pillows are specially designed for pregnant women to help them maintain a comfortable sleeping position.

If you are having a restless sleep pregnancy try these tips to help you get some much needed sleep. It is important for you to get your sleep when pregnant. Do not get stressed out about your lack of sleep. Remember it is very common for expectant mothers to experience sleep problems.

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