Ways to Support Your with a Healthy Breakfast

may be the last thing on many peoples minds when they get up in the morning, but it is important to listen to what your body is telling you. If you are feeling nauseous or have low blood sugar, eating breakfast may be the way to start your day. Try to choose breakfast foods that are nutritious and will make you good. When you’re pregnant, it’s important to eat breakfast every morning. Here are reasons why:

1-To jumpstart your metabolism:

Within 30–60 minutes of rising in the morning, you should break your fast. If you are struggling with morning , a few almonds will even do the trick. However, this does NOT take the place of breakfast; it will only help to give you the little kick you need right away. Once your nausea subsides, follow this up with a very light breakfast that has a good protein base.

2-Do NOT skip breakfast:

Your baby needs the calories from food to grow and develop, and so do you. You will begin to burn your own lean muscle mass if you skip a meal and your blood sugar will crash. This may cause down the road if this is a habit, and preeclampsia often leads to induction.

3-Make quality protein choices:

Organic dairy and meats are the best choices for high-quality protein. Eggs, nuts/seeds, whole milk, organic cheeses, and whole milk yogurt are all good protein sources. Try to eat organic dairy and meats as much as possible.

4-Utilize the many benefits of breakfast eating to you throughout the day.

After you eat, you’ll be more alert and have more energy. This will help you be more productive, as opposed to feeling sluggish and irritable. Eating also helps prevent like mood swings and protein in urine.

5-Choose low glycemic index foods:

Whole foods like whole grains, vegetables, apples, berries, and cherries are great for sustaining energy levels throughout the day. That’s because they’re slowly digested, which prevents blood sugar spikes and crashes that come with refined sugars and white flour. So if you’re looking for foods that will power you through your day, stick to whole foods!

There are many benefits to eating breakfast during , including supporting a . However, this is just a place to begin! Make sure you enjoy the process and take things one step at a time until you have a solid plan in place. Then, you can apply this same strategy throughout the day for a full day of great eating!

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