Yeast Infection During a Pregnancy – Is Your Baby in Danger

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Yeast infections during a pregnancy are very irritating. The most important thing for a mother is to worry about her baby. The first thing that strikes in a pregnant woman’s mind is that her baby is safe or not. Always remember that yeast or yeast type infections during pregnancy should not be neglected. They should be attended to immediately and a treatment should be undergone as soon as possible. This kind of a worry about the baby is normal. If you want your baby to be out of danger from these types of infections then try to take all kinds of preventions.

It is a hormonal infection caused by a special type of fungus, named Candida Albicans. These fungi grow their empire in dark places and in the presence of moisture and humidity. Pregnant women are more prone to yeast and yeast type infections. These infections takes place as a result of an imbalance in the body metabolism. Some of the most infected places are vagina, armpits, between the fingers and toes, anus and in genitals.

This kind of infection during pregnancy causes itchiness, embarrassment and is extremely dangerous. It may harm your baby, if not taken proper care in time. Yeast infections can expand in the region where it is affected at first. You can try some natural cure or herbal remedies to eradicate these infections. Yeast infection during pregnancy can be dangerous for your baby after its birth. While you are breast feeding and if you have an infected nipple, it can cause harm to your baby.

If you do not want to try natural cures or herbal remedies then consult a pediatrician at once. Doctors may tell you to stop breast feeding immediately. The most important thing for a pregnant woman is to protect the fetus. Yeast infection during pregnancy, mostly occurs in the vagina. You can use a garlic wrap. In a clean cloth wrap garlic and tie it with a long string or thread. Then insert the wrap in your yeast infected vagina.

Leave the wrap for 20 minutes or so. Then gently remove it by using the string or thread. You may feel a burning sensation which is absolutely normal. Do not be careless about your baby. Do not use boric acid during pregnancy. Consult a doctor immediately and follow the prescribed way only. You cannot stop these yeast infections for coming back in your body. If yeast infections during pregnancy are neglected, it can damage important organs like brain.

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