Helpful Tips For Finding The Perfect Bra

Just as bras differ in various from your regular bras, so too does the way they should be fitted. Here are some tips to help you find the perfect pregnancy bra:

I was frustrated by the poor of many bras I tried during my first pregnancy, so I decided to launch my own maternity lingerie company. I believe I solved the ! One important factor in determining the right pregnancy bra for you is to take the time to visit your nearest specialty lingerie store to be measured. After being properly measured by a professional bra fitter, you should have a good idea of what size you need. Then it’s time to try on some bras and see how they .

Every pregnancy bra fits slightly differently, so it’s important to try on a few different styles before settling on one. Also, not every bra will suit every bust , so be sure to ask for help from a knowledgeable salesperson who can recommend some good nursing or pregnancy bras for your specific body type.

Before fitting the bra, lengthen the shoulder straps out as far as they’ll go. Then, slip the straps over your shoulders and lean forward into the bra, so your bust falls naturally into the cups. This is an important step when fitting a pregnancy bra, as your breasts will likely be a different shape than they were pre-pregnancy. This way, you’ll ensure you’re fully in the cup and getting the possible fit.

It’s important to have good posture , and one way to help with that is to wear a well-designed pregnancy bra. These bras usually have six rows of hooks and eyes, which allows for some expansion as your diaphragm grows. This way, you can loosen the bra by one set of eyes per month on average.

If you are seven to eight months when you get fitted for a bra, make sure it is secured on one of the looser sets of eyes. This will give you some extra room to grow and will be more comfortable for you.

Position the back fastening of the bra underneath your shoulder blades, then use your opposite hand to lift your breast into the cup. It’s important that your breast is correctly positioned in the cup, and that it isn’t sitting under the band or spilling over the of the underarm.

Pregnancy and nursing bras should be comfortable and allow for easy expansion when your milk starts flowing. Make sure you choose a style with enough room in the cup, so you can slide your hand in for a adjustment when needed.

Lastly, adjust the shoulder straps, so they give a firm but comfortable uplift to your bust. Your pregnancy bra should give you the same level of support and silhouette as your regular lingerie. To see this for yourself before you purchase new lingerie, make sure you try your own clothes over the top and observe yourself in the mirror.

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