Hematuria During

Blood in urine during , otherwise known as hematuria, is a cause for alarm as it points to underlying problems. This condition arises from an increased number of red blood cells in urine. Some possible causes of hematuria are bladder stones, urinary tract infections or infections. Hematuria is classified into two types – microscopic and gross. The former is only detectable under a microscope while the latter can be seen with the naked eye.

Reasons behind hematuria
This problem could be caused by several things, including a viral infection, tenderness of the kidney, bladder cancer, and so on. Some common reasons are given below.

Urinary tract infections (UTIs) are a very common reason for hematuria. women are more likely to experience this problem due to the growth of the uterus and its associated , which can the urine passage from the bladder and cause hematuria.

Stones in the kidney or bladder can cause blood in urine, which can be painful as the stones make their way through the urinary tract. The hard mineral deposits can also cause around the kidney area, along with vomiting or .

Kidney problems, such as infection or injury, can cause blood in urine.

Bladder, prostate, and kidney cancers are common in people over 40 years of age. Blood in urine may be a sign of these cancers.

Pregnant women can also be affected by medical conditions such as sickle cell , diabetes, or lupus. In some cases, there is also a high level of protein in the urine.

Hematuria is a medical condition that presents itself through red, pink, or brown urine. Other symptoms of hematuria can include fever, nausea, loss of appetite, and weight loss. If a person experiences microscopic hematuria, they may not display any of the aforementioned symptoms.

Identification and cure
This problem, if caught , can be more easily resolved. There are many tests available for detecting hematuria. After finding it, you should go to seek medical assistance as soon as possible to resolve the issue.

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