Hemorrhoids During Pregnancy – Quick Tips On How To Avoid Hemorrhoids During Pregnancy

Hemorrhoids does not usually present itself in women during pregnancy until the latter part of the pregnancy, usually at the 3rd trimester. Because it is not usually advisable to take drugs without prescription during pregnancy, what most pregnant women do is to visit their ante-natal clinic where suitable treatment will be given for the relief of the hemorrhoids and the associated pain if any.

Hemorrhoids during pregnancy is becoming increasingly common amongst pregnant women. The reason for this is because the fetus places pressure on the anal cavity and this extreme pressure can cause the veins in the anal area to become weak and elastic. This can lead to either bleeding or in more severe cases a prolapse of the anal muscle leading to external hemorrhoids.

Having said this, it must be noted that it is not all women that have hemorrhoids during pregnancy. Certain factors can predispose women to having hemorrhoids during pregnancy. If a woman has had hemorrhoids before she got pregnant, she is at a high risk of getting it during pregnancy. This is because the veins and muscles of the wall of the anal cavity have become weak. And so the slightest pressure will cause it to either bleed from tear during bowel movement or even lead to a prolapse.

To avoid having hemorrhoids during pregnancy, a woman needs to take precautionary steps.

1. Avoid prolonged eating of high fat, processed foods. Supplement your diet with the intake of fiber rich meals.
2. Take lost of water before, during and even after pregnancy.
3. Avoid too much carbonated sugar in your diet. Instead, take more liquid like water.
4. Do not spend too much time in the toilet. Exerting the muscles of the anal cavity can cause undue pressure which can lead to hemorrhoids.
5. Have a regular exercise regime that will not place undue risk on the baby.

Lack of intake of proper fiber rich diet can also predispose a woman to having hemorrhoids during pregnancy. Where you are not in the habit of eating high fiber meals, the associated constipation from this can further put pressure on the anal veins and lead to the onset of hemorrhoids.

If you have had hemorrhoids before you got pregnant, it is advisable to consult your gynecologist on other effective ways of avoiding hemorrhoids during pregnancy.

If you inevitably come down with hemorrhoids, consult your doctor before taking any across the counter medication. It is not advisable for a pregnant woman to take medication without prescription.

Hemorrhoids would usually appear during the 3rd trimester of pregnancy and usually not before. It usually occurs in between the 8th and 9th month of pregnancy when the size of the fetus places undue pressure on the muscles of the anal cavity. Hemorrhoids during pregnancy can also be an indication of the size of the baby. The bigger the baby, the more pressure is exerted on the muscles. Hemorrhoids are not serious conditions once they are treated early. If you need to take medication, please consult with your doctor or gynecologist.

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