How to Get Constipation Relief Naturally

For many , the joys of are quickly replaced by discomfort when they start experiencing constipation. Even women who don’t usually have digestive issues can be affected by this problem. But why does it happen, and what’s the solution for naturally getting rid of pregnancy constipation?

on in pregnancy, the main issue is typically hormonal. Progesterone, which is necessary in order for the muscles to and the body to to make room for the growing , also has a similar effect on the muscles in the intestine. This makes it more difficult for food to be pushed along through the digestive system.

and vomiting can deplete the body of fluids, leading to constipation if fluid levels remain low.

Later on in pregnancy, the uterus often expands and puts pressure on the stomach and other organs, which can lead to constipation.

There are a few things that can help relieve constipation during pregnancy, and the first thing on the list is changes. These changes include drinking more water, eating more fiber and doing light exercises numerous times a week. By making these simple changes, you can help your constipation and better overall.

If taking a laxative isn’t possible or doesn’t work, many pregnant women are understandably reluctant. The stronger types of laxatives are stimulants which could potentially stimulate the uterus and bring on contractions. Other milder laxatives are usually okay, such as fiber supplements and other stool softeners. However, it’s generally only safe to take fiber supplements for more than a week.

The main issue people have with fiber supplements is the potential for uncomfortable bloating and gas side effects – especially when not taken with enough water. Without adequate hydration, fiber supplements can actually make constipation worse.

The kiwi fruit is an effective natural solution for constipation and poor digestive . Many pregnant women swear by it for getting rid of constipation and helping improve their digestive health. The kiwi fruit has been shown in a number of scientific studies to soften and bulk up stools and increase the frequency of bowel movements.

If kiwi are scarce or expensive where you live, don’t worry. You can now find kiwi fruit supplements on the market. But be careful when choosing a supplement, as many are merely freeze-dried kiwi fruit, which isn’t very potent. This new natural digestive is made from the extract of kiwi fruit, skin and pulp and is much more potent than other supplements. Just one capsule is equivalent to eating two kiwi fruit a .

The kiwi fruit is an amazing natural remedy for digestive issues! It is rich in fiber, which helps keep things moving along smoothly and also helps to balance the bacteria in your colon. Kiwi fruit can also improve protein digestion and is a fabulous source of nutrients. Plus, it is a powerful antioxidant which makes it even more effective in fighting digestive problems.

Unlike other laxatives, kiwi fruit extract is safe to take every day – and it really works! See how it helps people with chronic constipation.

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