Leg Cramps during Pregnancy Cannot Be Ignored

After the pregnancy, the baby’s nutrition needs increases, especially for the absorption of calcium, and in the middle or late period of pregnancy, daily calcium needs increase 1200 mg in volume. To meet their own and fetal growth and development, pregnant women significantly increase calcium requirements, but lack of dietary calcium and vitamin D content or lack of sunshine; placenta, uterine circulation is established, and from the third month of pregnancy, maternal blood volume increases, blood is diluted and other factors, which leads to the decline in serum calcium levels, increasing excitability of muscle and nerve. Serum calcium levels at night than during the day to be low, so the leg cramps often attack at night and the cold season.

Moreover, after pregnancy, maternal weight is significantly increased, and the burden of the pregnant women’s legs is deepened, causing the leg muscles in a state of fatigue. By intake of calcium-rich food, outdoor activities, exposure to sunlight, they can prevent leg cramps caused by calcium deficiency, and they can also take calcium and vitamin D as necessary. When there is the local severe cramps caused by calf pain, as long as pull the toe hard to the head or force to stomp the heel, make the ankle joint excessive flexion, gastrocnemius become elongated, symptoms can be quickly relieved. However, it should be noted that, in the current maternal dietary, calcium deficiency phenomenon is still widespread. Individual’s threshold of calcium deficiency that they can withstand is different, so parts of the calcium deficiency in pregnant women have no symptoms of leg cramps. It can be seen that only use leg cramps as the need calcium indicators is not comprehensive. Pregnant women should actively participate in nutrition counseling, and strive to achieve the targeted supply.
However, for the pregnant women, they can do many measures to improve the calcium content in the body. First of all, they can more use of calcium-rich foods, dairy products and dark green vegetables; second, they can take calcium tablet or multi-vitamin D. of course, if it is necessary, they should allow doctors check before making a supplement; third, in some cases, when the beginning of the cramps, the expectant mother can do this stretching movements, or try to gently massage to relieve cramps; fourth, pregnant women can massage the feet before sleep, or elevate the foot to sleep. Do not wear high heels and do not stand too long, to prevent leg muscles from being too tired.

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