Link Between Neck Pain And Pregnancy

What a truly wonderful and exciting time – being an expectant mother. The miracle of lifeblah, blah blah. I should have put that into quotes. A friend in her third trimester sort of downplayed my excitement about her impending miracle of life recently.

To look at her I sort of had to agree. What had happened to that “glow” pregnant women are supposed to have? It had been replaced by a puffy nose and dark circles under her eyes.

She explained that as soon as she hit her third trimester, she started having chronic neck pain. This was not just a problem during daylight hours. She also found that she had trouble sleeping, which actually seemed to make the neck pain worse.

The combination of neck pain and back pain is complained by 80% of the pregnant women. Most of the pregnant women always report about neck pain.

First thing is during pregnancy there will be sudden increase of weight and typically the weight will be more in uterus. So it alters the woman’s balance in the body. And the body tries to adjust in size and weight almost on a daily basis. Back pain and neck pain during pregnancy do have some reasons.

Mostly, neck and back pain is very much reported in both men and women who are obese. The weight gain can cause both the neck and back pain. This does not bring relief even though the pregnant women gains weight all over the body.

Another reason for pain during pregnancy is due to hormones which can affect ligaments and joints, causing them to become more loose and pliable.

While a great concept in relaxing the pelvis to allow for childbirth. Due to this “relaxing” effect, the joints and ligaments in the back and especially neck are compromised as far as support is concerned.

Alternatively one can apply ice pack on the affected area and can try some neck exercises. Best solutions are the pillows specially designed for cervical that can heal neck and back pain.

In fact, a client of mine has stated that for each of her two previous pregnancies, she experienced excruciating neck pain.

Only after the delivery of the baby and complete recovery she noticed the improvement in the neck pain. For her the pillows and ice packs provided little comfort during her pregnancy.

Her doctor suggested she look into specific exercises for the neck and to take a preventative approach, meaning, start the exercises before the pain started. I’m happy to report that she is delighted with my Neck Pain program!

My neck exercises are highly recommended regardless the cause of the pain. The programs is very natural and comes with proven results and with zero side effects.

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