Liposuction Is Possible Before Pregnancy

For women of child-bearing years, the question of whether liposuction is appropriate or not can be a confusing one. Most women undergo the procedure to lose post-partum weight, but there are many women who want to lose some extra fat before they ever become pregnant. For these women there are many questions, but for each question there are answers.

First of all, liposuction is a completely feasible weight-loss solution for women pre-pregnancy, as well as post-pregnancy. There is no reason why a woman cannot or should not have lipo if she intends on becoming pregnant in the future. It in no way can affect a woman’s fertility or ability to carry a child, and in some ways is better to have before pregnancy than after.

An ideal candidate for liposuction is a healthy adult with small pockets of fat that resist dieting and exercise. For someone looking for a more desirable body shape, this operation is a good choice. The possibility of pregnancy does not disqualify a woman from being a good candidate. In fact, liposuction often works better on a woman before pregnancy, as the best candidates have good skin elasticity, which can be diminished by pregnancy. Women who want extra help losing post-pregnancy fat often must resort to abdominoplasty, or a tummy tuck, because of poor skin elasticity. In this case it might be better to have had lipo before pregnancy than after.

Some women worry that pregnancy, with its dramatic body alteration, will negate their lipo results and it would be a waste of time and money to have the surgery if they plan on future pregnancy. This, however, is a serious misconception. Pregnancy does not affect liposuction results. The procedure removes fat cells, which once gone remain gone. Fat cells do not grow back, but merely expand during weight gain. After liposuction few new fat cells will develop unless a patient gains a significant amount of weight. So, patients always retain their new contoured shape, and even in the event of major weight gain, the contoured areas will keep their shape, but merely grow in size.

Therefore, after pregnancy, a woman will still have her original sculpted shape. If she loses all the baby weight she will look just as she did between the lipo and the pregnancy, and if she still retains some pregnancy weight, it will be in untreated areas. In fact, having lipo before pregnancy can help a woman not gain too much fat while pregnant, because she has lost fat cells that would other wise expand. For this reason it is often a good idea to get liposuction before becoming pregnant in the future.

Liposuction before pregnancy is absolutely possible and even beneficial. Many young women with no plans for starting a family undergo the procedure and then have children years later with no problems. It has no bearing on a woman’s ability to have children, and in some ways pre-pregnancy is the best time to have lipo. It will reduce the amount of excess fat gained during pregnancy and give better results because the skin will still have good elasticity. And finally, contrary to many women’s beliefs, new contours will not be lost by pregnancy. Women considering this method of weight loss have no need to worry about it if future pregnancy is a possibility.


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