Luxury La Spa Drogheda Massages as Holistic, Seaweed, Pregnancy massage and Many More

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There’s nothing like a massage to soothe away your aches and pains and make you feel alive again! And La Spa Therapie Drogheda’s massage range offers the best in pampering and therapeutic massage treatments.

So what massage therapies do we have to offer you here at La Spa?
Our wide range of spa treatments cater for any mood or malady. Our highly trained and fully qualified therapists tailor treatments to suit your individual needs and take the time to understand your body’s condition and any areas which may be particularly sensitive, tired or aching. Whether you want a calming and gentle aromatherapy massage to relax and unwind or a deeply therapeutic holistic massage that vigorously kneeds away your troubles, we have a massage to suit you.

Lavender Signature Massage
Lavender is renowned for its calming properties and a lavender massage is ideal for relaxation and improving sleep and wellbeing. The signature massage includes a facial and full body massage.

Swedish/Holistic Massage
An intensive and invigorating massage that improves circulation, loosens tense muscles and relieves stress.

Aromatherapy Massage
The scents used in an aromatherapy massage are chosen based on your individual needs and blended with pure essential oils for your massage.

Precious Stone Therapy
A cleansing body scrub is followed by a purifying herbal-infused bath and the placing of heated stones at key body points for an awakening and invigorating experience.

Delux Hot Stone Therapy
Heated stones placed on the body relieves tension and allows the mind to drift away to a place of deep relaxation.

Pregnancy Massage
Caring especially for mums-to-be our pregnancy massage relieves those prenatal aches and pains.

Holistic Healing Therapy
Combining a full body aromatherapy massage with reflexology restores harmony to body and mind.

Voya Massage
A stress relieving aroma massage which uses the famous VOYA organic seaweed oil.

Seaweed Hot Stone Massage
Seaweed, essential oils and heated stones combine in this soothing and delightful massage experience.

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