Making A Pregnancy Stomach Molds

Pregnancy belly casts are a memorable method to preserve the stages of maternity with a 3D dexterous sculpture. Pictures can be great, but maternity sculpture provide a personal piece of memorabilia celebrating the phases of a woman’s pregnancy which could be done up, colored, or created with whatever the mother wants, to give it that personal motherly touch each bit her creation.

A pregnancy sculpture can be made at any stage of your maternity, but the prime moment is during months 7 and nine where the belly is in its largest form. Some women like to do a single belly sculpture and others prefer a replica of their protruding stomach after couple of months.

Maternity tummy molds can be purchased in a kit with everything needed, including all instructions for the method, or if the mother wants, she can make her own. Tummy molds are really popular among pregnant women these days and are not hard to do at all.

No matter a kit is bought or a homemade stomach mold is preferred, the method to apply the belly mold and the end mold are the same. It is recommended that the pregnant woman have a friend around in any case. To begin, each of the materials should be collected and a carpet cover applied on the work area, for example a wash cloth or a dirty bed sheet, and a comfortable area for the pregnant woman to sit because the procedure can take a few hours.

To begin, cover the area to be cast with Vaseline or a matching substance, layer the pieces of plastered gauze over the lubricated section and let it set for about 30 minutes. The pregnancy tummy mold should then be taken off by lightly wiggling it loose and taken off by the helper.

Keep the pregnancy belly cast somewhere out of the way so it can dry completely over the next twenty-four to 48 hours. After it is completed a primer called Gesso must be painted on to the maternity belly cast to keep it from getting damaged by humidity. It can additionally be used as a primer for the dried tummy sculpture.

Unique artistic talent is not required for this procedure, just time, effort, and some thought. Be sure that all painting to the gestational stomach mold is done after it has been taken off from the pregnant woman because, although the plaster is not harmful to the skin, components of paint can be damaging to both mother and baby.


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