Methods to Alleviate Pregnancy Back Pain

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Back pain, during and after pregnancy, is a common problem that most women are likely to face.

Back pain, during and after pregnancy, is a common problem that most women are likely to face. It is not surprising that Pregnancy Back Pain is faced by middle aged and obese mothers rather than by women who are fit and enjoy a healthy lifestyle. However, this issue can be tackled with a few easy steps. Pregnant mothers need to care for themselves and their unborn baby. During pregnancy a womans body will go through hormonal and physical changes. The spinal cord will move ahead to balance the mothers stomach and abdomen to ensure a safe pregnancy.
Pregnant women will hold this posture for a minimum period of nine months, which is the normal duration of pregnancy. This posture must come back to normal post-pregnancy otherwise mothers will face Pregnancy Back Pain. Women with a history of pre-pregnancy back pain and obesity issues should opt for posture correction before and after pregnancy. A host of exercises can help to improve posture and ensure relief from back pain post-pregnancy. Light weight and low intensity gym workouts can make a difference in improving posture after pregnancy. During pregnancy the abdominal muscles shift further and move the stomach ahead, thereby creating tremendous pressure on the spine.

There are some exercises that have proven effective such as free squats, half crunches and backward leg raise. During pregnancy women need to support their lower bodies and strengthen their core. Free squats will strengthen the quads, hamstrings, claves and ankles. Crunches will reduce Pregnancy Back Pain and strengthen the lower abdomen which needs the maximum support and backward leg raises will strengthen the gluteus muscles and the lower back. The gluteus is an important area of the muscular system as women will be sitting or sleeping for the entire duration of their pregnancy. These exercises are light in intensity and they can be performed during the first few months of pregnancy.

Obesity can be a huge issue because it creates a weakened core. The standard number for obesity is 30% of body fat and above. Anything individual who weighs above this number is considered clinically obese. If obese women continue to exercise and maintain a healthy diet there will not be any complications during birth. A healthy habit that needs to be developed during pregnancy is the use of ergonomic chairs. These chairs help pregnant mothers to maintain a good posture while sitting, ensuring less stress on their bodies and thereby reducing Pregnancy Back Pain.

A stress-free lifestyle is important for Pregnancy Pain Relief. Pregnancy increases hormone secretions in the body thereby increasing sensitivity to pain. It is not surprising that pregnant women often complain of body pain. However, a healthy exercise routine will reduce the effects of stress on the body, thereby reducing the pain. There are professionals who help pregnant women deal with the stress of pregnancy and they help them to reduce the effects of pain on their back muscles with good nutrition and balanced workout regimes. Quality information pertaining to such topics is available online.

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