Molar Pregnancy, What You Should Know About Molar Pregnancy Or Partial Molar Pregnancy Diagnosis

Molar pregnancy is a serious issue that one in every 1-2 thousand pregnant women faces. Be informed about molar pregnancy to reduce your risk of developing uterine cancer as a result of your molar pregnancy or partial molar pregnancy.

What is a molar pregnancy:
Approximately one in every 1000 to 2000 pregnant woman end up having a molar pregnancy. A molar pregnancy is an abnormal pregnancy and can result in uterine or ovarian cancer if not managed correctly. A molar pregnancy is a pregnancy that is growing into a mole within the womb. On ultrasound there is no baby’s heartbeat, but there will be this grape-like mole growing inside your womb.

Types of molar pregnancies:
There are two types of molar pregnancy. Both are very serious and both are extremely abnormal pregnancy growths. One is a complete molar pregnancy and the second is a partial molar pregnancy.

Complete molar pregnancy:
If it is a complete molar pregnancy then there is no baby, no baby parts, no placenta and no amniotic fluid. There is just a big mole and it looks like a bunch of grapes growing inside your womb.

Partial molar pregnancy:
A partial molar pregnancy occurs when you have one egg but two sperms penetrated that egg. During the development and cell duplication process, a severe abnormality of the developing embryo occurred. Therefore with a partial molar pregnancy you could have a uterine mole containing no heartbeat, but may have some baby parts such as hair, teeth, bone, amniotic fluid, placenta parts all balled up into a grape like structure.

Molar pregnancy symptoms: [more]
What symptoms might you be experiencing that may indicate you could have a molar pregnancy developing? With a molar pregnancy you produce an excess amount of pregnancy hormones which gives you many exaggerated symptoms of pregnancy. Molar pregnancy signs and symptoms may include one or more of the following:
“Excessive morning sickness.
“Your breasts grow quickly and are very tender.
“Your womb is bigger than the gestational age of your pregnancy.
“You have a lot more pressure symptoms in your pelvic area.
“On blood work your pregnancy hormones are much higher than the expected range for your pregnancy age and they are rising faster than the normal pregnancy pattern.
“An ultrasound shows no babys heart beat and a grape like structure growing instead.

Treatment for molar Pregnancy:
Many times molar pregnancies are absorbed inside the body themselves. This can take a couple of weeks to a couple of months for it to happen as the body absorbs the mole.

You may end up having a cleaning out of your womb with a dilatation and curettage where your doctor will can scrape out the inside of the womb. The problem with a molar pregnancy is that even with a dilatation and curettage, it may be impossible to clean out the route of the mole that have imbedded into the muscles of your womb. The good thing is that over time the body will absorb the remaining parts of the molar pregnancy.

As long as there are small branches of your molar pregnancy embedded in the muscles of your womb you will produce pregnancy hormones. This may give you molar pregnancy symptoms for months after diagnosis or treatment.

The most important thing for you to do when managed for a molar pregnancy is to take self-responsibility and make sure you do not become pregnant for a least one year after a molar pregnancy diagnosis. If you do become pregnant again, you are at risk of developing uterine cancer and you may have a disaster pregnancy on your hands.

Your physician may insist on you taking birth control pills or injections to ensure no new pregnancy occurs, as you do not want to have a diagnosis of cancer within the months following a molar pregnancy.

Having one molar pregnancy does not mean you will have another one. We never know the outcome of any pregnancy, as all pregnancies are completely different. Having a history of a molar pregnancy does mean you should see it as a warning sign for both yourself and your partner to eat healthier and supplement daily with high quality vitamins, minerals and antioxidants to prevent production of internal bodily toxins affecting eggs or sperms.

Many times people get caught up with the severity of abnormality of a molar pregnancy and fail to realize the emotional devastation a woman goes through in losing her pregnancy. To a woman a pregnancy means a baby. On top of this, molar pregnancy symptoms may last for months and be very hard to cope with. A woman may feel she has this alien growing inside of her and be emotionally traumatized by the frequent blood tests and ultrasounds needed in the year following diagnosis of a molar pregnancy.

You may even experience pregnancy loss grief and if so please seek professional support from someone that can help expedite your healing process.

If you want a baby then be positive for having a future healthy pregnancy and when that pregnancy occurs please go and be examined as soon as you discover you are pregnant. Early examination is important to monitor your hormone level and perform ultrasounds.

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