October 28, 2021

Popular Reasons For Abnormal Vaginal Bleeding In The First Half Of Pregnancy

Abnormal bleeding during the first half of pregnancy is common in women who are pregnant. Studies show that almost 30% of the women who are expecting usually experience bleeding during the early stages of pregnancy. Vaginal bleeding may be an indication of serious complications. It may also be normal and a result of the normal functioning of your reproductive system and thus there may be no reason for you to worry. Here are some of the common causes of vaginal bleeding during pregnancy.

Implantation of the embryo is necessary for a successful pregnancy to occur. During implantation, most women usually experience vaginal bleeding or spotting. This type of bleeding that occurs during the first half of pregnancy is usually referred to as implantation bleeding and should not be a cause of alarm. This type of bleeding is usually light. How long it lasts will however vary. Some women will experience spotting for a few hours while some while bleed for some days.

If you are experiencing bleeding or spotting during pregnancy, it may be as a result of an infection of the urinary tract or pelvic cavity. Infections of the reproductive system during pregnancy are usually a threat both to you and your pregnancy. As a result, you must seek immediate medical attention in case your bleeding is due to an infection of your pelvic cavity since these infections may affect your ability to hold your pregnancy. They may also lead to complications during delivery.

Pregnancy usually results in an increase in the tenderness and sensitivity of the cervix. It is therefore common for pregnant women to experience bleeding or spotting after having sexual intercourse. This bleeding is usually as a result of the cervix being injured and as a result, you should stop having sex until you see your doctor. This will help prevent any further irritation to the cervix which may only led to further complications. However, normal sexual intercourse usually does not cause any kind of vaginal bleeding.

Although they rarely happen, molar pregnancies are also a cause of bleeding or spotting during pregnancy. This is a type of pregnancy that is characterized by the growth of an abnormal tissue and not the embryo. Other than vaginal bleeding, this type of pregnancy is also usually characterized by the absence of fetal heart tones, unusually high levels of some hormones in your blood and the presence of grape-like clusters in a womans uterus. These are just some of the common causes of bleeding during the early stages of a pregnancy. Although spotting or bleeding during pregnancy is sometimes normal, it is usually advisable for any pregnant woman who notices any kind of vaginal bleeding to immediately see a doctor as it may be a symptom of a serious complication.

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