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Post Pregnancy Memory Loss

Post Pregnancy Memory Loss

Post pregnancy memory loss is not an uncommon disease. It happens with many women. This can occur anytime after pregnancy, but in some cases, it also shows up in the later stages of pregnancy. The reason for this may be many, but there are also ways to fight them and return to the normal life. Some of the basic reasons for this memory loss can be lack of sleep, improper diet, birth, and lactation.

Reasons For Post Pregnancy Memory Loss

Lack of sleep is the most anticipated reason for post pregnancy memory loss, as it reduces productivity and efficiency, thereby, causing restlessness among new moms. This in turn affects the brain’s memory power, causing memory loss. In order to avoid this problem, it is recommended to take small naps during the day, as it can do wonders to your memory.

Stress is another challenge that is faced by the new mom, which results in a constant attack on you brain cells, thereby, reducing memory power. To avoid stress, moms should try to relax by watching TV, exercising, or doing yoga. Walking is considered to the best stress buster, in addition to meditation that can do wonders to your body as well as brain.

Improper diet during or post pregnancy life is a major cause of post pregnancy memory loss. Insufficient amount of vital nutrients like Zinc, Vitamin B12, Iron, and folic acid can adversely affect the memory, Iron being the most important of them. Eating healthy food rich in these nutrients like, spinach, legumes, nuts, during pregnancy is very important, as the baby requires these nutrients to grow.

Last but not the least, the other factor responsible for post pregnancy memory loss in the moms is the fluctuation on the hormonal levels during pregnancy, birth, and lactation. The two most important hormones, Cortisol, which is a stress hormone and directly affects the hippocampi, two regions critical for memory functions and Oxytocin, which is a labor inducing and milk injection hormone, are released during labor and delivery. Therefore, more is the labor; more is the chances of these hormones being released, which ultimately damages the hippocampi.

Ways To Improve Memory – Both Now And Post-Pregnancy

In order to overcome this short-term post pregnancy memory loss, moms can use several techniques, which have shown considerable improvement in memory. Some of them have been given below:
Actively recall information while learning.

Periodically, review learned information.


Using the above-mentioned techniques will result in a positive affect on your mental as well as your overall well-being. However, this can be achieved only through consistent efforts. With a little practice and hard work, you will find yourself with a sharper mind even more than your pre pregnancy days.

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