October 28, 2021

Post Pregnancy Slim Down Strategy

Gaining weight during pregnancy is natural and healthy, but many women desire to get back to their former bodies, before the pregnancy. One key thing to remember is to exercise caution when shedding your baby weight gain.

Here are some helpful tips for getting back into your pre-pregnancy clothes.

Exercising after your pregnancy carries multiple benefits. Mainly, it will help you lose the extra pounds gained during pregnancy and also alleviate post-partum depression.

Take care that you ease your way into exercising after pregnancy. It’s a good idea to wait six weeks after delivery to start exercising. Start out with low-impact exercises such as walking, yoga or swimming. Customize your exercise program to make it something you will be able stick to and possibly recruit the company of a neighbor or another new mom.

Start slow: 10-minute exercises is plenty to get started and then increase the time when you feel more confident. Do not exceed 30-minute on your exercise time and if you start to feel dizzy or short of breath, stop immediately.

Work Out at Home
There are tons of exercises perfect for the early post pregnancy period that can be performed at home. Yoga exercises are an excellent choice for in-home working out.

Healthy Weight Loss By Eating Right
A healthy low-calorie diet is the best way to lose your pregnancy pounds, next to exercising. Never go below 1200 calories a day. Divide your caloric intake into 4-5 small meals a day instead of 3 large meals to keep your metabolism burning at it’s optimal level. You should go no longer than 4 hours between meals.

Walk, Walk, Walk
Walking is, without a doubt, one of the best exercises – and the bonus is no special equipment required. All you need is a good pair of shoes, clear weather and your newborn! Even tiny babies can benefit from a stroll in the fresh air.

Just remember, pregnancy and weight gain is healthy for you and your baby. Cutting calories coupled with exercise is the safest and healthiest way to get back into your pre-pregnancy designer jeans.

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