January 24, 2022

On A Three Week Pregnancy

Are you three week pregnant? Here are the complete details about three week pregnancy that you need to know. By the third week of your pregnancy, conception of your baby is confirmed. At this stage your baby is a tiny one cell organism. During this period the zygote that is a fertilized cell with multiply in number to form a group of cells. This is the starting point of baby development. This cluster of cells is called blastocyst. These travel through the fallopian tubes into the uterus where they implant themselves in the womb. Here the fertilized egg will be transformed into a baby during course of time.

During the third week of pregnancy, the body will experience increased secretion of estrogen and progestron. This is done to protect the shedding of uterus lining so that the developing embryo inside it is protected. This increased hormonal secretion also confirms the pregnancy tests at home. Amniotic fluid starts accumulating in the womb around the baby. This serves as cushions to protect the baby from any shocks. During this stage a microscopic tiny vessel is developed that connects the baby to the mother. This vessels supplies the essential nutrients to the baby and also expels wastes from his body.

Symptoms experienced during third week of pregnancy.

To know your pregnancy week by week, it is essential that you know the signs and symptoms of that you might be feeling. Since every woman has different bodily system, some women might start feeling pregnant even before they take the test while other dont show the sign of pregnancy until the later stages of pregnancy. Amongst the few most common symptoms include:

You start feeling exhausted for no reason. Your body will feel more tired than ever, even without involving in any hectic work. This is because your body is preparing for the time to come.

You urinate on frequent basis.

Feeling of nausea is quite common. In some women this might occur in first few weeks while others tend to vomit throughout the pregnancy.

Your breasts are swollen and become sensitive to touch.

You become repulsive to certain smells, particularly from food. Though the smell seems pleasant under ordinary conditions, these can also make you feel nauseous.

Your sense of smell becomes heightened and most of these smells make you vomit.

Your body temperature is elevated. This is one of the earliest signs of pregnancy. You will see that your body temperature stays high most of the time.

In some cases minor spotting is seen. When you notice this, you need to contact a doctor and this can cause complications with your pregnancy.

There are several week by week pregnancy guides available that can help you know your status.
You can find similar week by week pregnancy guides for the upcoming week of your pregnancy. Be sure to gain all the information you can possibly get as it is highly important to know what it in store for you for the upcoming months. Also there are some website and portals that can allow you calculate your due date so that you can prepare yourself.

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