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Posted by on Sep 24, 2021 in Pregnancy, Pregnancy 101 | 0 comments

Panic Attacks In Pregnancy – Some Solutions

Panic Attacks In Pregnancy – Some Solutions

Panic attacks in pregnancy can occur often, and they can affect the health of both the future mother and the baby. If you are seeking help for panic attacks during pregnancy then read this article to find out some causes, symptoms, and support and solutions.

Some of the reasons for panic attacks in pregnancy this article covers are physical and hormonal changes, and stresses of all sorts. To overcome the panic attacks suffered during pregnancy, you have to determine the causes, the effects, and discover cures for this misery.

Some causes of panic attacks in pregnancy:

* Insecurity – financial worries, marital problems, loss of income due to the pregnancy, changes in life situations.
* Isolation – pregnancy can lead to staying in at home more than is healthy for the mother.
* Fears of painful procedures.
* Hormonal changes.
* Nutritional deficiencies.
* Fears for the baby’s health.
* Physical changes and discomfort.

Symptoms of panic attacks in pregnancy:

* Loss of breath and difficulties breathing caused by the anxiety and feelings of panic.
* Being thirsty more than normal, can be a sign of elevated anxiety.
* Erratic behavior can occur during panic attacks.
* Irregular eating habits is also one of these effects.

Support and solutions for panic attacks in pregnancy:

* First step for a remedy should be support from the family and friends.
* Studies show that frequent displays of love, and casual acts of affection daily from the husband decrease the probability of panic attacks during pregnancy.
* Supportive touching freely given like foot and back massage relax the mother, ease discomfort and promote deep breathing.
* Counter isolation by adjusting the family’s social life to the needs and changes in the mother’s ability to be active.
* Childbirth classes will prepare the mother psychologically for the coming birth. Especially for first time mothers, the coming birth can be a frightening prospect. Familiarity with what to expect decreases anxiety, thus reducing a main contributor to panic attacks.
* Visit the birthing center early to become acquainted with the environment, personnel, and procedures.
* Family support for daily proper nutrition.
* Deep slow breathing enhances relaxation.

* Solutions include:
o Doctors are very wise to limit medications for pregnant women because of fears of injuring the baby, therefore
o Find treatments that do not require medications
+ Yoga classes for pregnant women decrease stress and increase slower breathing. These classes also provide social support with other soon to be mothers and their families.
+ Search out natural panic attack treatments that have a proven record of success. Get family support to implement these treatments.

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