January 28, 2022

Pregnancy Announcements & Pregnancy Cards to Announce Pregnancy

All About Pregnancy Announcements Cards Spread the Great News and Job!

Pregnancy announcements are a great way to reach all of the friends and relatives of a mother-to-be. They will appreciate hearing directly from the parents-to-be, rather than hearing word of mouth about a pregnancy. If possible, pregnancy cards should be sent before any baby shower invitations are sent. As a general rule, expecting parents should try to send personalized pregnancy announcements around the 10th or 12th weeks of pregnancy. After all, news of the pregnancy is bound to spread like wildfire, and the proud parents-to-be should try to tell as many people as possible directly!

The styles and trends in custom pregnancy cards are similar to birth announcements. Modern designs, cute images of baby items or a pregnant mom silhouette are all popular. Stork pregnancy announcements are also a charming option. If the pregnancy cards are sent after the parents know the gender of the baby, printable pregnancy announcements can be geared for a boy or girl as appropriate. If parents know the nursery room theme or colors, the pregnancy announcement can give the recipients a sneak peak of the nursery. This kind of personalization is great for the mother-to-be that has many out of town friends and relatives. The more the recipient feels they know about the new baby, the more special they feel.

By sending pregnancy announcement cards, parents are also saving themselves some time when they get to the announcement of the baby. The name and address list for the pregnancy announcements should be virtually the same as the list for the printed birth announcements. Organization is key after the baby is born so already having a list of recipients from the pregnancy announcements can be sleep saving! Parents will also get out all of the kinks with the pregnancy announcements they will know how many announcement cards they need to send, are guaranteed not to miss anyone important (they will find out who they missed quite quickly if they miss them with the pregnancy announcement!) and they will have a system down to stuff envelopes and address announcements quickly.

The joy of pregnancy should be shared with all of the family and friends. Pregnancy cards can be a way to show gratitude, keep in touch with distant loved ones and tell them a little bit about the family that is expecting the baby. Pregnancy announcements usually indicate the expected birth date, but if parents choose to only announce the month, season or major holiday around the expected date, that is also a nice option. If it is not the first child, pregnancy announcements can also be worded with the siblings-to-be announcing the expected baby. Often times the older siblings are very excited about their new baby sibling and feel extra special if their names are on the pregnancy announcement cards.

Whatever style pregnancy card is used, the important thing to remember is the joy and excitement of the new baby. Sharing that joy by a pregnancy announcement spreads the joy around! Some websites have lots of unique pregnancy announcements wording verses, wording ideas and sayings to get your cards just the way you want.

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