December 6, 2022

Preparing Your Body, Mind and Relationship for Becoming Pregnant

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You and your husband have arrived at a special time in your marriage where you are ready for the ultimate challenge – parenthood!

Follow these simple guidelines below to prepare your body, mind, and relationship for your upcoming pregnancy:

  1. Work with your husband to select an obstetrician. Talk to friends, family and co-workers who live in your area for their recommendations.
  2. Find about as much detail as you can about your family’s medical history and your husband’s family’s medical history. Have as much information ready as possible for your visit with your doctor.
  3. Discuss any prescription or over-the-counter medication that you are presently taking with your doctor. Many medications pose health risks to developing babies.
  4. Visit your dentist for an dental check-up. Periodontal disease may have negative effects on your baby.
  5. Quit smoking entirely. Avoid all second-hand smoke.
  6. Look into any environmental toxins that you are exposed to at home or at work, such as toxic cleaning products and pesticides. Try to eliminate any toxins from your environment.
  7. If you are underweight, it is crucial that you reach a healthy body weight before trying to conceive a baby. Being pregnant involves incredible demands on a woman’s body and you need to be healthy to prepare for the challenges that lie ahead.
  8. Begin to take a quality prenatal vitamin and extra folic acid every day.
  9. Stop using birth control. If you have been using birth control pills, consult with your doctor about the healthiest way to discontinue them. You need to stop using birth control pills gradually to avoid any health problems.
  10. Begin to chart your menstrual cycle to determine when you will be ovulating. Consider utilizing an ovulation calendar to help you.
  11. Being pregnant is a time of major hormonal and emotional changes. Many women become susceptible to depression while trying to conceive, during pregnancy and postpartum. If you or a close family member has suffered with depression, it is highly recommended that you make several appointments with a trusted psychotherapist. Talk to your therapist about your dreams, hopes, worries and fears surrounding becoming pregnant and becoming a mother. Remember to take care of your mental and emotional health throughout this important time in your life.
  12. Make time with your husband to review your financial situation. Attempt to come up with a reasonable working budget that takes into consideration the financial demands of a growing family. Consider meeting with a financial advisor to receive some expert advice on your family’s financial picture.
  13. Brainstorm ways with your husband that the two of you can conserve money as you attempt to conceive your child and prepare for parenthood. Discuss whether or not the two of you wish for you to remain home after your baby is born. Talk about whether you’d like to stay home permanently or temporarily.
  14. Discover the details of the maternity leave program through your workplace.
  15. Find out what health benefits you have regarding your pregnancy and delivery through your medical insurance company.

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