Some Facts About the Teenage

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There is various facts which really make us sit up and take notice. For example it is quite alarming to note that United States ranks highest in the cases of teenage amidst the developed nations, and it is followed by United Kingdom. Now the question to ask would be what has all this social awareness and development has done to warrant this. While it the developing nations there are many factors which contribute to the bane of teenage pregnancy such as lack of education and socio economic reasons; rise of such instances in the developed countries is truly astounding indeed.

Here below are some of the reasons for the rise in teenage pregnancy in the developed nations: >

1. Jellyfish : Jellyfish refers to situations where parents would do everything to keep the happy. They are extremely accommodating and considerate and treat their children more as friends rather than offering guidance and setting rigid behavioral rules. As a result children growing up with such lax parenting are unable to distinguish between the right and wrong and behave as their emotions guide them. As such sooner or later pitfalls are inevitable and teenage pregnancy is one such pitfall.

2. Working parents: While considering the teenage pregnancy facts this is one reason which is quite difficult to avoid in the modern circumstances. In order to families both the parents need to work. As a result teenagers who come to empty houses with nothing to occupy their minds intellectually or constructively to other modes of diversions in order to occupy the time. With no one to keep tab on their behavior it is no wonder that teenagers turn to booze, drugs and finally sex. This has led to an in the teenage pregnancy cases.

3. Absentee father: The absence of father figure at home which may be the result of both divorce and abandonment also leads to an increase in the cases of teenage pregnancy. Without the controlling father factor to give the necessary guidance and discipline teenagers behave just as they like and inevitably take the wrong step.

4. Increased sexuality: Nowadays sexual awakening occurs quite early. There is surfeit of sex everywhere especially with the all-pervasive involvement of media and internet in our daily lives.

These teenage pregnanc facts sell point towards the of parental guidance in the life of the children and steps must be taken to ensure that at all costs.

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