December 4, 2022

What Happens During The 10th And 11th Week Of Pregnancy

As you near the end of the first trimester, the 10th and 11th week of pregnancy hold some important changes. Several interesting transformations start to occur during these weeks that new mothers find amazing and exciting. A warm, sweet mothers smile welcomes the last weeks of the first trimester. Many changes are happening at almost every moment of pregnancy but only when a woman is 10 weeks pregnant she is able to feel a tight connection between her and her baby. Love is the jumpstart of this week because the mother begins to hear thunderous sound made by the babys heartbeat. Yes, the mother can now hear another heart beating with her. Many people have considered it as powerful as the thunder since no exact words can describe the joy of hearing a proof of life inside.

Much more to the heartbeat, the 10th week is also highlighted by several significant changes on the babys physical structure including the formation of toes and opening of the eyes for a moment. This is the time when your baby becomes big enough to be weighed. Like the lime, your baby now measures more than an inch and a half. This pregnancy week 10 is much more remarkable as you get to know that baby starts to transform from being an embryo to becoming a fetus. Yes, week 10 is the end of the embryonic period. Welcoming the fetal period this time is also welcoming the idea that your baby rapidly grows moment by moment. Mothers who are 10 weeks pregnant should stay away from toxins to ensure a healthy growth for the baby inside. Exposure to toxic materials can further damages to the fetus.

On the other hand, pregnancy week 11 is marked with traceable breathing movements through ultrasound. Good breathing patterns help in the growth of your babys chest muscles and regulate volume of lung fluid. With muscular development comes the movement of your baby with his arms and legs following even the position of the uterus. These movements, however, may not be distinct from butterfly movements that pregnant mothers could sometimes mistake them for gas problems. Good news for those whop are in their pregnancy week 11 is that generally, pregnant women are now free from the hassles of morning sickness.

The latter weeks of the first trimester are the realization of tastes and smell senses. This means that whether you are 10 weeks pregnant or more, you should already take precaution on things that affect the respiratory system. Whatever you inhale is taken directly by the baby. Mothers should also take effort in increasing consumption of vitamin rich foods. There is no standard list of recommended diet for pregnant mothers. All you need to understand is that whatever is good to you will be good for the baby too. This means, taking care of yourself is as good as taking care of the fetus inside. You are one with that little soul inside you. What you feel, hear and smell also happens to your baby within.

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