December 4, 2022

You Can Avoid Pregnancy By Eating Certain Foods

It is not surprising that there are pretty many contraceptive means to consider when a couple prefers to avoid pregnancy in own interest. Though it is with own choice for some reason or other, taking prescription pills may have some unwanted consequences when frequently used. While there are wonderful foods to avoid pregnancy, why should you go for searching a gynecologist and drain your pocket savings? It is suggested here to choose eating certain foods as under mentioned as a safe way to avoid unwanted pregnancy.

Papaya: Papaya is one of the naturally available contraceptive foods. It is a traditional remedy that can help to avoid pregnancy naturally. It contains an enzyme called papain that interacts, as a catalyst, with progesterone and produces contraceptive effect to avoid getting pregnant. There is fair chance that a woman aborts when she chooses to eat large amounts of ripe papaya. A teaspoon of Papaya seeds taken daily can show excellent effect of contraception in both male and female.

Sunflower seeds: Sunflower seeds have high potential to offer contraceptive and abortive effect. If the seeds are consumed within three hours before or after coitus, you can see the amazing effect of avoiding pregnancy.

Garlic: The cuttings of garlic pieces have excellent role of killing the sperms. If 5 pieces of garlic and 10 sun flower seeds are consumed during coitus hours, the expected result of contraceptive effect can be surprising.

These are just some natural ways to avoid pregnancy by consuming medicinal foods. Over eating can make the fertility potential poor that cannot be recovered in a short period when you want to get pregnant. So taking of home based contraceptive foods just to the need is good and harmless. It is suggested in good will, if you are particular, that you choose to prevent pregnancy rather than going for abortion.

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