October 28, 2021

Pregnancy After 40 and the Consequences You Have to Take

If you are above 40 years old you already may have given up on getting pregnant which was once your natural dream. The spirit and the great expectation to bear a child ceased along with the continuing time. It is like running out of time and the hope has faded away and isnt there anymore. Is there still a chance to make your dream come true?

There was indeed a time that becoming pregnant after 40, for whatever reason, is something to avoid. The risk was too big to challenge and the medical profession at that time wasnt that advanced to handle pregnancy in older age. It was most likely that they will tell you to discard such plan and suggested you to adopt a child instead of coping with a high risk pregnancy and labor.

That was the past. Thanks to today advanced development of obstetrics and gynecology as well as the mother and child health care. Becoming pregnant after 40 is now a common case. This goes along with the changing behavior of couples to delay marriage or adopt late family planning to focus on other things first such as career and life enjoyment.

However, there is certainly a higher risk to take compared to younger women. Conceiving your first child will put you at a higher risk than if you have had a couple of babies before. It is the medical advancement in methodology and procedures that makes being pregnant over 40 more manageable.

But do not take it too lightly. You still need to put an extra care for your health and physical condition. You also need a doctor who will closely monitor your health and detect possible abnormalities to be handled in its early stage. What you need to do is simply listen to his or her advice.

It is more likely that you may be asked to undergo examinations and sonograms more often. You also may be suggested to go through some additional examinations or tests like amniocentesis to confirm that your babys health is all right. The doctor will also inform you at an early stage about other condition that might impede your health and pregnancy.

In your forties you may have a higher risk to acquire gestational diabetes or an abnormal increase of blood sugar during pregnancy indicated by excessive weight gain. To lower such risk you can adopt a healthy diet plan for you and your baby. A nutritionist can help you to formulate a healthy diet plan as well as an exercise plan which is customized to your condition.

There is also a risk of high blood pressure or hypertension. To anticipate this to happen while continuing your pregnancy you can keep a certain rest level and create a stress-free environment.

Resting and getting away from your daily stressful routines is a good remedy to avoid hypertension. It is best to avoid negative influences that might be available around you such as a non-supportive family member or conversations that can bring you down.

The most common concern is a possible miscarriage or premature birth. And again, do not worry about this. It is better to discuss this possibility with your doctor rather than develop the worry.

Your doctor will be the proper resource person who will give you the clarification about the possible cause of a miscarriage. He or she will eventually give you the right advice on how to avoid it. It is most likely that you should take a bed rest at the later months of your pregnancy

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